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Top 20 romantic destination for honeymooners – Top 10 Lists & facts

Who doesn’t love a break? Tanning in Tahiti, skiing in the Alps, snorkeling in Hawaii, shopping in Dubai; sounds fun and a taste of this exotic way of life we all long for. The best way to experience them all is- GET HITCHED! I know some may snicker at the idea. Like who in the world gets married to enjoy these romantic destinations; a completely out of the world experiences. Agreeable!

Now picture this, you are tanning under the Aussie sun in Cattesloe beach, Perth ALL ALONE (or with a friend for that matter). Now picturize this, you are gaping at Eiffel Tower all by yourself! Sounds fun? Doesn’t, right? The element which is missing from these pictures (and you are adamant about not admitting this) is a partner… life-partner. You may cringe at the idea; snort with disbelief, but my dearest, can you imagine a gondola ride accompanied with just the gondolier and no one to cling to in sight? That would a sad state of affairs. So, if I couldn’t convince you maybe these too-good-to-be-true-destinations which beckon lovers united by the law (and definitely by God) may convince you to soon get hitched and pay them a visit on your honeymoon. And for the rest, who do not need any convincing here’s the list of romantic spots on Earth tailor-made for one purpose i.e. honeymooning.

20. Agra

I know, I know you were expecting Switzerland and likes. Have some patience and some faith! Agra isn’t that bad. If you get married at the right time of the year, this city is definitely a must visit. The exquisite symbol of love is a sight to behold with your beloved.

And just in case you are one of those big fishes in the pool, then go ahead and book yourself a room at the Oberoi Amarvilas hotel. It gives you an unrestricted view of Taj Mahal right from your room’s window.

19. Jaisalmer

If you are still expecting Switzerland and haven’t ever visited Jaiselmer, then you should be whacked in the head. You don’t want to live life the “Arabian Night’s” way? The sand dunes, the remarkable sandstone city, there isn’t a thing you won’t love about this city.  The camel ride would transport you to a different century where love was undiluted and true.

18. Kerala

A must visit, honeymoon or no honeymoon! But as you are at it, do visit God’s own country with your beloved. The amazing landscape, the virgin seashore, the serene backwater, the food, the people, the dash of modern living with the ancient ones, this is truly a lover’s retreat.

17. Ranthambore

This has no parallels. The Ranthambore National Park is said to a retreat for nature lovers, but trust me, a stay in the jungle overnight will make you fall in love with the wild outdoor. With its history, there’s a lot to be discovered together. But the best part is a night at the Aman-i-Khás resort. Big deal? Imagine 10 sumptuous Mughal inspired tents located on the fringes of the national park. This is by far the most romantic honeymoon destination. It’s intimate, seductive and EXPENSIVE! But then honeymoons are a onetime affair.

16. Cappadocia, Turkey

This is romantic getaway is a must share. The picturesque landscape offers a lot to be explore on foot or by car. May it be a balloon ride over the jagged landscape, or climbing up the Uchisar Castle to witness the most spectacular sunset of your life, every moment spent in this land is worth cherishing. It is a haven for honeymooners.

15. Brazil

The country has a lot to offer. Often perceived to be a destination for Bachelor party, it also has a lot to offer to the newlyweds. Copacabana and Ipanema are just some prominent names. If you want to enjoy Brazil as a honeymooner, you need to carry out a thorough research. There are remote sea lines which would give a private island like feeling, without owning one. The clear blue sea with a complimenting sky, this destination kindles romance like no other place.

14. Shimla

Moving on from romance on the beach to romance in the snow. Summer capital of the British Raj, the Himalaya Mountains surrounding it is breathtaking throughout the year. This picturesque capital of Himachal Pradesh transports you to an ancient era. The cool and charming town sprawls along the mountain ridge and is enveloped in oak, pine and rhododendron forests. Adding to the perk, if you are lucky enough you’ll find yourself enclosed in a Tudor and Neo-Gothic style cabin. And what could be a better way to experience history than to live in it!

13. Marrakech, Morocco

This is rated to be the most romantic cities on earth. Marrakech is ensconced in Arabian spices and rose petals with lanterns on the sidewalks and a soft Gwana music drifting through the air. What more can one ask for? You don’t have to do anything special! As this place is SPECIAL! You’ll love wandering around in the streets and losing yourself to the charm of this city.

12. St Lucia

It’s on the eastern CARRIBEAN SEA, associated with which everything spells pleasure. The white sand, crashing waves…wait! You can that anywhere, right? NO! You won’t. As it’s one of those unique places with perfect balance of sea and lush forests, and a striking silhouette of the Piton Mountains (a UNESCO site! Now, beat that).

11. California

Okay! Keep this in mind, visit California only if both of you are truly, deeply and madly in love with each other! Lest you come back home all alone, minus a husband or a wife for that matter! The inhabitants there are as pretty as the landscape. Theme parks, beaches, clubs, this is the raddest (and of course, romantic) place to visit on your honeymoon.

10. Udaipur

Udaipur over California, I must be nuts! (That’s what you’re probably thinking). Well, the entire west is perpetually flocking in to get married, honeymoon and even have babies (o.k. that was fabricated) in the lake city. This place is as enchanting as one can be. Old mansions overlooking the lake, grand palaces, everything in this city oozes romance.

9. Coorg

Please don’t go! Hear me out first! I am one devout coffee worshippers and the prospect of spending time with your beloved includes coffee a lot of it. So if you like me, love coffee, food and exploring the wild, then Coorg is a must visit. The stunning scenic is sure to leave you spellbound. The coffee plantations, the spicy cuisine, the famous Abbey Falls, the panoramic views across the valley, the stunning sunsets, there isn’t a thing about Coorg which isn’t romantic (well, almost everything).

8. Cook Islands

Secluded and rare this is another one of those islands tailor-made for honeymooners. Yes, it’s like any other island, yet it has resorts unlike any other. The Aitutaki Lagoon and Rarotongan Beach Resorts are few of them. Moreover, this small island has a thin population, so chances of rubbing shoulders with a lot of people all the time are very slim. You can romance without being perturbed.

7. Aruba

While for the rest you have to consider the time of the year you decide to honeymoon, this is one of those rare places which offer temperate weather all year long. So may it be summers, winters, or rains, the weather is pleasantly unchanging throughout the year.  The special attraction is the perks and other free items one receives as one stays in one of the hotels that support the One Cool Honeymoon Program. And if the beaches and snorkelling in clear water is an everyday affair for you, then imagine horse rides and glass-bottom boat rides with you loved one.

6. Greece

It’s Eros from the Greek mythology that made both of you an ‘item’ in the first place, so visiting his land is a must. Athens, Acropolis, Crete, or Aegina would also give you moments of embarking on a whole new adventure.

5. Andalucía, Spain

Spaniards know how to love well, so lovers it should make it to your list as well. The sunny skies, the dreamy days, manchego cheese, olives and local Jerez sherry on a hand-woven blanket, followed by a languorous siesta by day and enjoying flamenco, the dance of love by night

4. Queenstown, New Zealand

The most important love drug oxytocin needs adrenaline as its companion. And there is no better place to get your adrenaline pumping than New Zealand’s South Island.  The birthplace of bungee jumping, as well as being home to jet boating, Zorbing, paragliding and epic hiking and skiing, this is a medley of adventure sports. So if you both are young, bold and in love you’ll love exploring this romantic getaway on your bicycles.

3. Colchagua Valley, Chile

Know for food and wine, this is Chile’s main grape-producing region. With the Andes jagged snow caps rising beyond the rolling vine-covered hills and blissfully unpopulated, this is definitely the most romantic spot for honeymooners.

2. Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado, USA

This is an escapade from the normal, brain-numbing-boring-civilization. With anecdotes (the owners acquired a derelict mining ghost town) like no other, this is a must visit on your honeymoon. The rugged way of life; bundled up in cottages, huddled up in front of the fire, this place would help you relive your mills and boons dream.

1. Paris

The city of lights, the city love, and the city of nicknames tops the list. It’s a dream come true, clichéd yet to good to be opted out. The food, the wine, the architecture, the charming hotels, and the lazy afternoons, the fashion hub, the city has got lot to offer. It’s definitely the most romantic destination one can ever visit.