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Top 15 bizarre museums you didn’t know ! – Top 10 Lists & facts

Were you always associating museums with boring art and history stuff? Was it all about book archives, paintings and sculptures? If yes, this list would change your notion, there’s lot more to indulge into. Prepare to be amazed, we present to you the top 15 most bizarre museums in the world.

15. Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum, United States

First in line of our list of bizarre museums is Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum, United States. Inseparable, the match made into a museum when Andrea Ludden, an anthropologist started displaying her collection of more than 20,000 sets of salt and pepper shakers in a building. Watch out for an endless collection of shakers -any shape and colour as bizarre as possible or buy a duplicate from the shops around.

14. International UFO Museum and Research Center 

Next of our bizarre museums is International UFO Museum in Roswell, New Mexico, the site of the weird 1947 sightings during the thunderstorm which even today could not be clarified. The museum today aims to educate the general public on all aspects of the UFO phenomena.  So, be it, the place is actually going to give you a great alien experience.  Do remember to buy a nice alien shirt.

13. Clown Hall of Fame and Research Center, United States

A fan of clowns and their acts? If yes, this bizarre museum is a must watch out. More than the laughs and funny attitude, this place is about the fascinating stories of the people who hide behind a thick layer of make-up and do any and everything to entertain us. Don’t miss this world’s largest archive of clown artifacts and scrapbooks.

12. Beijing Tap Water Museum, China

As weird as it sounds, one of the most bizarre museums in the world is this museum built on the original place of first water plant in Beijing. There are over 130 real objects, 110 pictures, models and sand tables on display depicting the 90-year old history of Beijing Tap water. The models show that though not safe for drinking, even tap water is hard-earned. Miniature tap filtration system is a must see here.

11. Celebrity Lingerie Hall of Fame, United States

Now, this would be surprise to our trip to bizarre museums around the world. Frederick’s of Hollywood came up with the concept of the place called  Celebrity Lingerie Hall of Fame and today it features famous celebrity’s undergarments, from Tom Hanks’s boxer shorts in “Forrest Gump” to the undies of the entire cast of Beverly Hills 90210. One of the prized possessions of the museum is a special brassiere of Madonna.

10. The Parasite Museum

The Japanese make it all the more creepy. Heading next in list of bizarre museums, we reach Parasite Museum located in Tokyo. With over 45000 parasite specimens in the collection, the museum showcases pictures of people with nasty elephantiasis and heaps of weird insects. The prized attraction is the world’s longest tape-worm, 8.8 meters in length. Well scary! Do remember to check yourself before moving out. There might be some leech sticking to you.

9. Leila’s Hair Museum, Missouri

Now our journey to bizarre museums around the world has made us land in this really bizarre museum. Located in Missouri, Leila’s hair museum displays examples of hair art dating almost back to 19th century. Developed in the Victorian ear, this form of art consists of jewellery embellished with hair. The museum has over 600 hair wreaths with hair of many celebrities on display including Marilyn Monroe and Queen Victoria.

8. Currywurst Museum

This bizarre museum is an absolute delight for all the foodies out there. Known to have invented sausage, the Germans are so in love with their curries that they dedicated one whole museum to it. In a couple of euros, you can learn whatever there is to learn about savoury sausages and experience sensory sounds of curries sizzling and smell of exotic spices.

7. Museum of Witchcraft, Cornwall

Fascinated by the Harry Potter series and other fantasy and witchcraft belief, head to our next bizarre museum! The museum of witchcraft in Cornwall displays an amazing history of witches and magic over the period through sacred sites, artefact, human remains, protective charms, massive collection of books on occult science and magic, devils, ritual magic, curses drawn on walls etc. The place was founded by Cecil Williamson, a die-hard believer of occult magic.

6. The Paris Sewers Museum

Remember Phantom of the Opera’s secret passages through sewers. If not, check out this next bizarre museum. The Paris Sewers Museum is dedicated to the sewer system of Paris. A weird subject but tours of the sewage systems have been famous since 1800s. The visitors can walk on raised pavements, directly on top of sewage itself. This surely makes the sewers a pleasing and memorable place.

5. Museum of Bad Art, Boston

Next in line in our list of bizarre museums is a place that will give you a hang of art in its bad form, yes we have now, Museum of Bad arts, located in an old basement in Massachusetts. Housing more than 600 pieces of worse art ever created, the museum collects range of work from talented artists gone askew to people who have never even lifted a brush. Apparently, you might also die laughing at the labels, one of them saying ‘Landscape: are those ice creams or mountains?’

4. Torture Museum, Amsterdam

Our trip to bizarre museums now takes us to another such bizarre place, Torture Museum in Amsterdam. This is a perfect place to get the cranks of horror. Showcasing the long history of human cruelty through film and surrounded by skull crackers, masks, hanging cages, guillotines, heretic forks and other sadistic stuff, the museum with its ominous sounds often feels like the set of Saw – a series of horror movies.

3. The Dog Collar Museum, England

Ranked amongst the top, this bizarre museum hosts beautiful, antique and a wide collection of dog collars. Inspired through the love of dogs, Lady Baillie eventually ended up creating a museum to display puppy attire and accessories at her manor in Leeds Castle, England. Though your dog would totally hate, pet lovers rejoice at this place that has a number of antique collars from 15th and 16th century, containing spike strips etc.

2. Sulabh International Museum of Toilets, New Delhi, India

Although the country rates really low on the sanitation and hygiene practices, it cannot act as a deterrent for them to build a whole museum dedicated to toilets. Teaching about the evolution of the bowl through their display of a number of designs and contemporary models from all around the world and even dating back to ancient times, this certainly deserved to come among the top places in bizarre museums. Located in the national capital, this place should be on your must-visit list while you are on your India’s tour.

1. Iceland Phallological Museum, Iceland

Had enough? Well, this place at the top of the list of our bizarre museums will totally blow off your mind. Called as a premier institute to learn about the male sex organ, it is the only museum in the world to contain a collection of phallic specimen. You can have a look on more than 276 male sex organs here, ranging from a small hamster to a large sperm whale. Bizarre right?