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Top 10 funny and weird research topics undertaken

“Learning with fun” is an overrated and overused phrase. Used by professionals across the world it has been used to motivate students to rote the tough symbols, formulae’s etc and for teachers to challenge their current teaching style. However, ever heard the phrase “Learning is funny”? Yeah, indeed it is for few researchers who have put in months of hard work to deck up a piece of shit for their PhD.

Two research scholars at UC Berkeley named Meredith Carpenter and Lillian Fritz-Laylin have a repository of published research papers which are weird in some sense or the other. They have set up a blog (National Center for Biotechnology, Rolling on the floor laughing) which mentions these funny & weird research topics.

We have picked up top ten weird research topics amongst them.

10.  Fellatio by fruit bats tends to increase the time for copulation

9.    Swearing as a response to pain

8.   Effects of cocaine on dance behavior of honey bee

7.   A compromise between ideal mating strategies of men and women

6.   Optimization of sensory characteristics and acceptance of canned cat foods

5.   Pigeon discrimination of paintings

4.   Does regular access to beer leads to drinking spree in adolescents but not adult           Wistar rats

3.   Which of them is sturdier- full or empty beer bottles and does their fracture-                  threshold sufficient enough to 2. break human skull

2.   The nature of naval fluff.

1.    Does Facebook bring out the other face of jealousy? 

This is list is not comprehensive and surely there would be some other weird guy putting in his mind on some crazy research topic right now. Well we can’t comment on the grey cells that this researcher possesses but we are sure one gotta have guts and excellent sales skills to sell out these research topics to their research guide and finally the university. Kudos!