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Top 10 Ultimate DREAM JOBS in the world – Interesting facts & Top 10 lists

10. Comic book publisher

There isn’t a living soul who doesn’t associate cartoons with cool. Kiddish, oh yeah! Cool, Super Cool! Wasn’t it one of your dream jobs at some point of time. If you talk cartoon, breathe cartoon and are a living cartoon, this is the job for you. A sea of memories comes rushing back at the sight of the comic books that you once read as a child. So some take the leap, swim and stay afloat and cater to the masses the joy of comic reading. Bless you!

9. Penguinologist

Even the painfully stupid Microsoft Word is unaware of this profession (highlighting it in red). These people specialize in everything PENGUIN. Not many are found around the globe (this is your chance, grab it!). These brains research penguins and also do the noble task of minimising the threats to these adorable creatures. Moreover, probability is you’ll be expected to reside amongst them (within reach). What’s so special about this Dream jobs? Well perhaps the fact that its a Cool job amongst cool companions!

8. Duvet tester

It is A JOB! A PAID JOB and the best job for you if love your sleep. There are stores which hire specialists who test and pick up the most comfortable bedding for customers. Imagine you won’t be fired if caught sleeping at work! And they pay you quite well too. What’s not to like? A Dream job for all dreamers.

7. Champagne taster

An ideal job for all you champagne lovers. As of now the only one to be engaged at this job is Olivier Krug who runs the House of Krug. But there’s a catch! To make it to this industry, you’ve got to be conceived and given birth in the family of this industry. As the knowledge of grapes is inherent, cannot be always learned. This is one of those professions which expect one to live life king sized. And that’s how Olivier Krug lives- jetsetter lifestyle, spending time in vineyards as far the eyes can see and beyond and tasting the best of champagnes and delicious food to accompany. We envy you!

6. Zombie

How rad it would be if you could scare people as a profession. The London Bridge Experience and London Dungeons employ zombies to “scare” visitors. There resume states “adequate experience in scaring”. The job expects them to jump people out of dark and dingy corners and giving unsuspecting visitors the scare of their lives. There have been reports about these “Zombies” who were so good at what they do that people turned phobiac to Halloween (seeing people dressed up as Zombies)

5. Professional Sleeper

Yes, my dear friend! This is a profession. You “professionally” get to SLEEP! And the icing on the cake, you get to stay in the world’s best hotel for 30-35 days ABSOLUTELY FREE! What a professional sleeper usually does is this- he sleeps in hotel beds and gives his verdict of the bed’s comfort level. They also blog and review sleeping experiences in hotels around the world. Your one bad sleeping experience review can ruin the hotel’s reputation. Cool, isn’t it?

4. Wildlife Rescuer

This is a noble and endearing task. If you were the child who fed stray dogs, rescued puppy-eyed cats and took errant wounded animals to the vet, then what are you doing confined within the walls of that office?  If you love animals, then it’s time to prove it! The endangered species dying a quick death can be saved only by you.

3. Barbecue Editor

Do you love barbeque? The smoky smell which engulfs you and makes your mouth water, rules your life? Daniel Vaughn was head over heels in love with the same. What he did with all that love? He sparked a blog with his craving for the smoked meat- Full Custom Gospel BBQ, thereby securing a man book deals. And today he is the God of Barbeque. He tells you about the best way to cut the meat, the best grades of briquette and the best way and places to eat it. His book, “The Prophets of Smoked Meat,” is smoking hot. And don’t you for a moment let you judgmental self take over. As before he turned into a “Barbeque Editor” he was an architect.  That’s how you define rad.

2. Underwater Photographer

I love it and I am sure you love it too. Don’t you experience serenity at the sight of underwater fishes and plants on television? With artificial fins waving underwater, these capture life underwater. So all you avid photographers on land dive in and capture the beauties underwater. And the raddest part you’ll be employed by the likes of Nat Geo and Discovery. On the television, underwater, live and exclusive! All the water babies, this should be your call.

1. Vacation Tester

Imagine a job which is a prolonged holiday. That’s what Noelani Schilling- Wheeler does. She tests places where people love to vacation, small islands, waterfalls, you name it, and she is vacationing there (as a job!). Noelani first fell in love with Hawaii (where she went to study at the University, which is cool in itself) and its people and never went back home (Malaysia). What she does? Well she and her staff test Hawaii’s most desirable locations, thing to do, food to eat, absolutely everything pleasurable! She is the factor which adds onto a vacationers experience in Hawaii.

And the best about these jobs- you don’t have to go university seeking. Now don’t get me wrong. I am all for education, but abhor the idea of compulsive and drab education. These are fields where one needs education, not textbook loaded but the one incited by love. And what could be cooler than that?