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Top 10 music festivals in the world

It is the season of music and music festivals are on the roll. The festivals have become colossal both in terms of crowd and expenditure. No wonder if they touch the ostentatious budget of a typical Hollywood movie. These festivals have become two way affair. Artists are being idolized and audiences are being respected. From Europe to America, everyone wants to feel the magic of these musical festivals.

Here is the list of top 10 music festivals in terms of footfall.

10.  EXIT (Novisad, Serbia)


Footfall – 200,000 in 2013

Acts: More Than 200

Stages: 8

Inspired by the political and social phenomena of Serbia, its name “EXIT” came after the activist movement to exit out the madness of the tyrant Serbian regime. It has grown leaps and bounds since its inception. Inviting international acts like David Guetta and inspiring local ones, it has listed itself as one of the biggest musical carnivals of the world. It has added prestigious UK Festival Award for Best European Festival in 2007

9.  PALEO (Nyon, Switzerland)


Footfall: 230,000 in 2013

Acts: 100+

Stages: 6

Paleo is the perfect example of showcasing the art in limited funds yet it easily manages to draw hundreds and thousands of spectators. The fest is majorly run by the volunteers without external assistance. The acts are scaling up every time in terms of artists and expenditure. In 2013 bands like “The Bloody Beetroots” and “Arctic Monkeys” featured the carnival. The fest aims at exposing the new artists and genres every year. It is theme based fest and this year the theme was Food and Music from Indian Ocean origin.

8.  ULTRA(Miami, USA)


Footfall: 330,000 in 2013

Acts: 300+

Stages: 7

It is one of those musical festivals where tickets for 2013 were sold in just 4 minutes and the advance booking for 2014 sold out in mere 20 minutes. The enthusiasm for this festival is unmatched despite there are number of electronic musical festivals in the world. The reason is everytime they come up with such DJs who have the caliber to pull up a fantastic show. IT has been to six other countries: Spain, Chile, Brazil, Croatia, South Korea and Argentina. But the US edition saw the best of it.

7.  SZIGET( Budapest, Hungary)


Footfall: 385000

Acts: 150+

Stages: 15

The history of Sziget is very strange. It was also the result of the political fiasco in Hungary. After the fallout of government in early 90s the youth camps were abandoned and the youth was striving to get engaged. So they end up organizing Sziget. It has won the prestigious UK Award for Major European Festival. It featured the performance from artists of more than a dozen of countries.

6.  PRZYSTANEK WOODSTOCK (Kostrzyn Nad Odra,Poland)


Footfall: 550000 in 2012

Acts: 70+

Stages: 3

Despite having less number of stages and acts Przystanek pulls off a gem of an event. It sticks to one genre and that is Rock. In 2013 it featured the performance of “Atari Teenage Riot” and “ Kaiser Chiefs” along with major overseas performers. It perfectly emulates its name and has a theme of “Love, Friendship and Music”. One of the best things about this fest is that there is no entry fee and it is organized by Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.

5.  ROCK IN RIO (Rio De Janeiro , Brazil)


Footfall: 600000 in 2011

Acts: 75+

Stages: 4

Rock in Rio has always been the most awaited festivals in the world. Its very first edition happened in 1985 and witnessed 1.5 million music lovers with acts like Queen, AC/DC and Iron Maiden. Since then it has grown in every spectrum. Its editions took place in Lisbon and Madrid with headliners like Beyonce and Bruce Springsteen in 2013. The craze of this colossal festival is such that the tickets for 2013 were sold in 2011 only.

4.  COACHELLA (California, USA)


Footfall: 675000 in 2013

Acts: 200

Stages: 6

Coachella was started in response to cater the alternative and indie music and it has grown manifold since its first edition. It has carved its own niche in the pool of other musical events. 2012 edition made headlines with its stunts like Tupac resurrection and lineup along with its audiences. Every year the tickets get sold-out for advance booking.

3.  SUMMERFEST (Wisconsin, USA)


Footfall: Nearly 1 million in 2013

Acts : 800

Stages :11

Its official website tickers down the tag of “World Largest Festival” given by the Guinness Book of World Records” but in our research we found out that it is the third largest. It has got a standard pattern for its arrangement of stages. One is for main players, one for the budding artists, one for the local performers and the others are for the electronic and rock genre. It includes headliners like FUN and A-Trak.

2.  MAWAZINE (Rabat, Morocco)


Footfall: 2.5 million in 2013

Acts: 90+

Stages: 7

In last 3 years Mawazine has been boasting itself for the tag of largest musical festival in the world but it seldom draws the attention and coverage which it is supposed to get. The gargantuan festival is quite unknown. The performance is generally from African artists and specifically from countries like Amadou & Mariam and Tinariwen from Mali. Rabat has also saw the performance of Whitney Houston, Lionel Richie and many ore ace artists. In 2013 it was headlined by Rihanna.

1.  DONAUINSELFEST (Vienna, Austria)


Footfall: 3.2 million in 2013

Acts: 2000+

Stages: 21

This 3 day fest has comprehensively gone past the other musical carnivals in the world. In 3 days time it draws around 3 million crowd whereas Mawazine and Summerfest take 9 and 11 days respectively to witness million mark footfall. Music fanatics travel miles to attend he fest on Danube island in Vienna to hear the zenith of Austrian Music like Austopop aces Wolfgang Ambros and Rainhard Fendrich. It also invites acts like Zucchero from Italy.