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Top 10 most expensive shoes: Wanna wear one?

Well! who doesn’t want to be the style icon among people and be the eye candy, making others fume with jealousy and be the hot topic of the gossip. Though, designer outfits and accessories can help you to be the one, but a nice pair of footwear can give you the edge, and add a striking feature to your personality.  But if you have fetish for shoes you won’t mind shelling out those extra bills for them, but beware, if you are really mad about your stylistic choices that urge you to be the crème de la crème in the world of fashion. The upcoming list talks about the most expensive shoes that exist, and let me warn you before hand, you should possess Midas touch before you wish to possess even one of them!

10.  Ruby slippers by Stuart Weizmann

The unconditional love for ruby slippers doesn’t end for the renowned designer Weizmann, and that is why he designed the ruby slippers decorated with 642 original rubies and platinum. The third in the series of “Ruby Slippers”, they are considered as one of the most expensive shoes of all times, priced at $160, 00,000.  The sparkling red beauties stand true to their name, with alluring dazzlement of ruby ornamentation, more than any other ruby jewellery in the world. The diabolic sheen is the USP of the framework and no wonder they are one of the most expensive footwear’s in the world.

9. The slippers of Nizam Sikander shah

These unusual pair of most expensive shoes stands out to be the most distinctive one, as they form a part of the royal heritage memorabilia of the erstwhile princely kingdom of India. The peculiar set of slippers, being the only of its kind belonged to Nizam Sikander shah, a ruler of a princely kingdom before the independence of India.   Bedazzled with stones and rubies and precious gemstones, they are a symbol of royal luxury. The slippers are worth $ 160,000 but unfortunately they got stolen from a museum and nobody is aware of its present location, as they still continue to be untraced.

8. Hayworth heels by Stuart Weizmann

This might be the first pair of shoes that is designed by Weizman as a tribute to Rita Hayworth. It seems that the charming beauty has instilled her bewitching spirit in the making of these pair.  Dashed with marvelous hue of burnt sienna they are gilded with diamonds, rubies and sapphires. In addition to this, the marvelous open toe design and the luscious curvature of the framework, makes it one of the most expensive shoes priced at $ 3 million. The actress’ daughter, princess Yasmin Agha Khan owns them, an inheritance of no loss!

7.  Platinum guild stilettos by Stuart Weizmann

These inordinate appealing shoes stand out to be one of the most aspired & most expensive shoes in the whole world. The splendid design inculcates superb inlay of 464 pear shaped and round Kwiat diamonds. The unique thing about these shoes are that these glittering diamonds can be removed and toned down for daily outfits and the diamond work can be worn as a jewellery.  Though priced at an astronomical price of $ 1.9 million, they prove to be a good investment for three in one add-ons

6. Pretty pumps by Katherine  Wilson

Giving a tough competition to Weizmann’s pumps, Kathery Wilson’s dazzling footwear makes a hardline effort of turning dreams into reality. The angelic beauties are crowned as one of the most expensive shoes in the world. The heels are laid with ravishing bling-21.18 carats of diamonds, inlaid by expert craftsmanship of Wilson, which included 50 hours of applying the delicate diamonds by hand. Priced at $ 4 million, they aren’t exactly made for walking purposes due the great concern for the exorbitant value.

5. Retro rose pumps by Stuart Weizmann

The classic design and phantasmagorical luster of these pumps would make you faint in a glance. The retro rose pumps, adorn a pair of classic 1940 style heels bedazzled with 1800  kwiat diamonds worth 100 carats. The lower toe section has been beautifully carved out and they prove no less than a priceless decoration for your feet. At the 5th most expensive shoes its priced at $ 1 Million, and surely stand out to be the woman’s best pals.

4. House of Harry Winston’s Ruby slippers

The fascination for Wizard of Oz’s ruby slippers hasn’t come to an end and to commemorate the 50th anniversary, Harry Winston in his own style recreated these pair of shoes using 1350 carats of real ruby gems, 4600 red stones, and 50 diamonds. It took nearly two months to create them. Made in 1989, they are the world’s most expensive shoes that stood out on sale until the year 2000. Even a millionaire would think twice to buy these nice pair as they are priced at $3 million.

3. Cinderella slippers by  Stuart Weitzmann

The dream fantasy of a woman is well understood by this shoe designer, who meticulously designs shoes that makes a woman go weak in her knees. These Cinderella slippers are one of its kind, as they imbibe in them the fairytale charm and the same goes for their price, ranging up to $ 2 million. A timeless piece of beauty, it is a result of Collaboration with the costume designer of the Broadway musical based on the Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella. Weitzmann created this pair studded with Swarovski crystals which make them one of the most expensive shoes & a prized possession.

2. Tanzanite heels by Stuart Weitzman

Again the design credit goes to Stuart Weizmann , well known for his marvelous designs and eccentric prices presents his gem creation. Tanzanite heels form a part of this list as a pair of evening sandals decorated with 185 carats of luxurious blue –purple tanzanite studded with 28 carats of diamonds. These beauties are a result of collaboration with the renowned designer Eddie LeVian and are priced at $2 million. A tough competition to a lovely sapphire set, they  can ablaze your feet  by their remarkable design and  over the top  tanzanite’s  exquisite color ,a passionate hue of blue and purple woven into sparkling silver  framework. This shoe falls at the number 2 spot of most expensive shoes in the world

1. Original Ruby slippers from the Wizard of Oz  

This tops our list of world most expensive shoes. These ruby slippers stand out to be more precious than the original ruby sets. But if you are mad about shoes more than your jewellery, then these are really made for you. These are the original ruby slippers worn by the character Dorothy in the 1939 MGM movie, the wizard of Oz. Their iconic stature has made them a prized possession and they stand out to be the most treasured and valuable memorabilia of the film fraternity. Numerous pairs were made for the film, but till date only five of them are said to have survived. One of the pairs got auctioned for the amount $612,000. The other pair is on display at the Smithsonian institution, National Museum of American history in Washington D.C. One of them was reported to be stolen in 2005 and has not been recovered yet.