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Top 10 Heritage Hotels you would like to visit

Heritage hotels are an epitome of traditional elegance revealing the aesthetic and cultural beauty of the past. The splendid and extravagant residences of the Maharajas and Kings from the past have been transformed to mesmerizing heritage hotels that leave you awestruck. Here are the top 10 heritage hotels across the globe where luxury, traditional elegance and flawless hospitality blend beautifully.

10. The Westin Excelsior, Rome

The first stop on a trip to heritage hotels takes us to The Westin Excelsior, Rome. Built in 1906, the hotel is one of the city’s most grand palaces, rich in history hosting a number of celebrities, artists and statesmen visiting the eternal city over the years. The luxurious rooms are furnished in magnificent old style look featuring hand-frescoed cathedral style domes. Also, each room spots a formal dining room and a Jacuzzi along with other modern gadgets. The exceptional setting close to the legendary Via Veneto, the main attraction in Rome adds to its appeal all the more.

9. Berrington Hall, Herefordshire 

Located near Herefordshire, England, this neoclassical country house features next in line of our top 10 heritage hotels in the world. It was built in 1778 when designed by Henry Holland for Thomas Harley. The beauty of subtle, intricate interiors and the homely feel that this heritage hotel offers is beyond words. The guests can stay in two-bedroom lodge and enjoy the beautiful gardens while sipping on their drinks.  The park landscape and all the paintings, furniture, costume collection and the famous ‘ha-ha’ wall today are on display to the public as well. A journey to all the heritage hotels in the world require must visit to this place.

8. Rambagh Palace

 Another heritage gem takes us to India,Rambagh palace in Jaipur, Rajasthan built in 1835 is a former residence of Maharaja of Jaipur. Now, a luxury heritage hotel, it is widely acclaimed to be one of the best hotels in the world preferred by celebrities and sports stars. The exquisite art, rich textures on walls and luminous furnishings in the interiors and opening to ornamental parkland decorated in an amazing symmetry. Architectural brilliance defines the rooms which were ones the living abode of kings and princes in India. Indulge in a royal feast, dance in the beautiful palace ballroom or enjoy a leisurely elephant ride, it’s a place to relive the extravagances and celebrate the luxurious splash of a splendid era, not completely disappeared.


7. Umaid Bhawan Palace 


Standing high above the desert areas of Jodhpur, Umaid Bhawan Palace is one of the largest heritage hotels and private residences in the world. Located amongst 26 acres of beautiful lush gardens, the construction of the palace was started in 1928 and completed in 1943.Designed by renowned architect Henry Lanchester, the palace is a perfect blend of both east and west style architecture. The lavish interiors with subtle art work, the mighty rajputana towers and exotic murals make this golden yellow sandstone monument one of the most grand heritage hotels in the world.

6. Quinta Real Zacatecas, Mexico


Repurposed and built from the grandstands of the restored 19th century San Pedro bullfighting ring, this marvellous place, next is known for welcoming its guests with a glass of sparkling wine. Colonial-style architecture overlooking a plaza in the centre and a sight of a cobblestone-paved bullring makes this heritage hotel all the more mystic and inviting. The beds are even recessed under a stone or a wooden arch, so in short at this UNESCO world heritage site, the guests can experience brilliant colonial-era theme. Also, there is a brick walled Botarel bar where there is live music on weekends and wines from all over the world. The magnificent beauty of limestone and silver leaves everybody in awe and admiration of the place.

5. The Linden Centre, Xizhou, Yunnan


Following their passion of keeping intact the traditions of Yunnan people, Chicago-born Brian Linden and his wife founded this hotel, a 14-room Bai-style courtyard home in a village near city Dali. Voted as the best Heritage hotel in China, much of the hotel’s original architecture has survived the Cultural Revolution and to further intensify the feel, the Lindens have got antique Bai-style furniture for each room. Residing in this pristine hotel in South west china, a traveller can truly immerse into authentic china and also enjoy themed programs giving guests an opportunity to experience village and day to day life of minority people in Dali.

4. Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur


Voted as the one of the most romantic heritage hotels in India and in the world, this luxury hotel located on a natural foundation of 4 acres rock on the Jag Niwas Island in Lake Pichola, Udaipur, India is a delight. The most distinctive profile of the hotel is that to get to the palace, the guests have to use a speed boat. So, basically, you are on a boat and then from mist, emerges a luminous marble vision. Built in 1728, the palace is beautifully adorned with silver jharokhas, decorative gilt moldings, splendid chandeliers and stained glass windows. Indulge in a rich, classy heritage walk with an escort or enjoy a glass of sparkling wine in candlelight, this heritage hotel is surely a royal dream come true.

3. Raffles Hotel, Singapore


Established in 1887, the Raffles Hotel Singapore epitomizes the romantic Far East, with a combination of colonial ambiance, luxury and history, Raffles offers an experience, which only a few heritage hotels can. Located in the bustling metropolis of Singapore, placed at the crossroads of culture and civilizations, the hotel has a rich history of its own. Famous writers including Rudyard Kipling and Ernest Hemingway, through their works, have immortalized the hotel. From the polished teak verandas past tropical gardens to the gleaming white facade, every corner of this heritage hotel has its own story to tell.

2.The Ritz, London

Built in 1906 and adorned with Louis XVI furnishings, the neoclassical Ritz resembles a stylish Parisian block of flats. In the opulently decorated cream-colored hall, the Palm Court, the world famous ‘Tea at The Ritz’ is served. Being located in London, the Ritz has always been an attraction for the famous and fashionable. Having even enjoyed royal patronage for a while, the Ritz has been witness to defining moments in history. Becoming the first hotel to have been honored by the prestigious Royal Warrant for Banqueting and Catering Services in January 2002, the Ritz was awarded by His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales. Counting among world’s finest heritage hotels, the Ritz is truly an abode for the luxurious.

1. Raj Palace, Jaipur

Deemed as the world’s best heritage hotel is the Raj Palace in the Indian city of Jaipur! Retaining its original charm and grandeur, as the abode of Kings, the palace hotel is adorned with stained glass windows and opulent chandeliers. True to heritage, the hotel also has a museum dedicated to over 200 years old antique crockery, used by the royalty of Jaipur.  Adding to the services, the hotel also runs elephant and camel safaris, running on a trail of historical sites in Jaipur. To rejuvenate your body and soul, the hotel has world class facilities for the traditional Indian ayurvedic and Kerala massages. Overall, the hotel offers an ultimate luxury experience, soaked in culture, making it the World’s best heritage hotel.