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Tips for Healthy living: 10 Iron rich foods

Taking into consideration the prevalent insufficiency of iron we present you a list of iron rich food stuffs…

10. Tofu

Tofu , commonly called bean curd is mad by coagulating soy milk and then making blocks of it. It is very prominent in East Asian and South Asian delicacies. First originated in china the technique was made familiar to the Korean and Japanese culture. An excellently nutrious food with low calories, high protein and iron in it,  the iron content is 2.7mg(15%) in 100gms, 0 mg cholesterol and 14 mg sodium .  There are large varities of tofu present like red tofu, silken tofu , tofu threads but can widely segregated into two broad categories: fresh tofu which is made from fresh soy milk and processed tofu made from fresh tofu. Well a health tip, try to buy tofu without added calcium for grater iron retention.

9. Dark chocolate

Chocolate cravers have another reason to rejoice. Another valid argument given for eating dark chocolate is the high iron content which makes its entry in our 10 iron rich food items. Dark chocolate is made by adding fat and sugar to cocoa. This chocolate has no or very little milk. Around 17 mg iron is prevalent in 100 mg dark chocolate.

8. Dark leafy green vegetables

Non vegetarians disgust and vegetarians paradise, green leafy vegetables have yet again proved their mettle by entering the list of iron rich food stuffs. The category includes spinach , swiss chard, cooked turnip greens ,raw beet greens. Around 6 mg of iron is found in 1 cup of cooked spinach. Impressive!

7. Whole Grains, Fortified Cereals, and Bran

Yet another diet rich in iron content with various other health benefits is whole grain .The diet includes Oatmeal (12%), Barley (12%), Rice (11%), Bulgur (10%), Buckwheat (7%), and Millet (6%) prove the above percent of iron content as per daily value. Fortified cereals provide up to 140% daily value of iron per cup. health tip  Bran should not be taken with iron supplements because it harms absorption of iron.

6. Beans and pulses

Pulses include peas ,lentils and all beans which are a high source of protein , fibre , vitamins and iron content. They are included in one-fifth of daily issue of fruits and vegetables. soyabean for instance includes 0.9 mg of iron in 10 g cup. lentil 3.8mg iron in 15gm , broad bean 1.1 mg in 15gm and the list continues. Pulses are also a starchy food and add fibre to your meal. The fibre found in pulses may help lower blood cholesterol, so they are good for your heart.  Health tip baked beans are more beneficial than cooked ones.

5. Beef and lamb

Beef is the cooking name of meat from bovines , like cattle. It can be from cows, bulls or steers. It is a rich source of various minerals like zinc , selenium ,phosphorous, iron and vitamin B.  Health benefits of beef include 0 mg cholesterol and starch, 26 gm protein, 2.6mg of iron in 100 gm diet. United States tops the largest beef producing countries. Health tip : Avoid red meat as it contains high levels of undesirable saturated fat.

4. Nuts

The category is wide and explicit which includes cashews, hazelnuts, pine , peanuts , almonds and walnuts and many more. around 34% of daily value of iron content is found in nuts. A study shows that regular nut eaters are less prone to coronary diseases. To all diet conscious people try out nuts as they have 0 mg of cholesterol and nut eaters are found to gorge less on fast foods.

3. Squash and pumpkin seeds

Around 83% of daily value of iron content is found in pumpkin seeds. Apart from being a powerhouse of nutrients like magnesium , manganese, iron , copper and zinc and an amazing antioxidant , they also help in insulin regulation in our body. They also increase the good LDL in body and help reduce blood pressure . thus a straightway entry to the wonder seeds in our kitchen.

2. Liver

This category of iron rich foods includes pork, chicken, turkey , lamb and beef. The liver of various mammals is eaten by humans .gross but one would be amazed to read about its health benefits. About 129% of daily value of iron content is found in liver. 11mg calcium, 476 mg phosphorous,380 mg potassium ,8.8 mg  iron and 12mg copper is present in just 100 gm of liver surpassing all the vegetarian diets. Thus the iron deficient people now know what food to ponder upon

1. Clams, mussels and oysters

These marine animals are most common sea-food sated by non vegetarian cravers. low in fat and cholesterol these dishes serve upto 132% of iron content of daily value. A rich source of vitamin C , and magnesium , mussels are rich source of omega-3 fatty acids and help regulate blood sugar too. They’re an excellent source of zinc, which your body needs for hundreds of different biochemical processes to occur. it is also a good source of calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, and vitamin B-12.