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10 bizarre places mentioned in fairy tales: Yes they do exist! I Top 10 Lists & facts

Well we all live in a world filled with fantasies. The urban folklore of Hansel and Greetel , Snowhite  and the stories of princess Barbie have had enveloped maximum time of our childhood.

But we were always told of such fantastic and spell binding fairy tale bizarre places to be found only in stories in books only . Apparently we present you the most mind boggling places found in real. Book your air tickets and Jet, Set, Go……

10.  Socotra islands, Yemen

Ever fancied to walk around an alien planet but are nowhere related to astrological studies. Then this is the place you are searching for. Located in the Indian Ocean this island is barely inhabited with just 42,842 people and holds the prestige of being coined as the “Alien looking Place.’’ The island was known to Egyptians has hot and drought like climate. It has glorious flora and fauna and 33% of the plants found in this area are not found on any place on the earth. The name has been derived from Sanskrit word which means “land of Bless”.

9. Hobbiton, New Zealand

Lord Of The Rings trilogy was shot in the small village called Matamata . The set had been made for the time but this mind boggling place made a direct entry in the list of fairy tale bizarre places in the world . the Government of New Zealand decided to leave the hobbit holes built on location since they blended seamlessly into the environment, thus turning the place into a tourist spot.

8. Igloo village

This Eskimo inspiring place which makes us remember our 5th standard social science book is an enthralling place which has glass and ice igloos where one can relax and have a mystic view of northern lights.

7. Cano cristales

Cano cristales is a Colombian river which makes a straight entry in our fairy tale bizarre places list . The river is a usual river but during the period of rainy and dry season the river displays colored spectacular view which may make one go dizzy and feel as if we are hallucinating. During the short span between the wet and dry seasons, the water level drops to such low level that the sun to warm the moss and algae on the river’s bottom, and this warmth leads to this beautiful scene.  A unique species of plant  at the river floor called Macarenia clavigera turns a brilliant red. It is also followed by yellow and green sand, blue water, and a many distinct shades in between. This only happens  for a few weeks from September through November. The river is also called “river of five colors” or “river that ran away from paradise”

6. Doorway to hell , Turkmenistan

Ever wondered where would you go if you did bad deeds . this is the place. This is the natural gas field in Derverze , Turkmenistan. The name has been given by the locals to the place. The crater is 230 ft diameter and has orange and red boiling flames. A science experiment to drill out gas went terribly wrong which led to the large hole . this was expected to burn out when scientists released the methane gas but nothing happened. It is still there over 40 years giving the place a supernatural and eerie touch.

Neuschwanstein castle is a 19th century castle built by Ludwig II of Bavaria, in Bavaria during his worst prince phase. It was built as homage to Richard Wagner by the daydreamer king (seen from the castle). Kudos to the superb architecture with technologically advanced facilities like  modern toilets, heating and hot and cold water. It has been the staunch inspiration for Disney’s cinderalla movie. After the king’s death the palace was opened for paid visit. The awe striking castle with its beauty leaves us all enthralled and builds an inner craving for its visit . No one knows the real mystery behind Ludwig II’s death but he surely couldn’t relish his exorbitant and lavish palace.

4. Temple caves , Borneo

Borneo well accredited for its beautiful and enormous limestone caves, hosts the majestic and mysterious temple. Just on the other side,  in West Malaysia, there are  strange caves that twist and turn  through old mountains. This one is called the Batu Caves, and if one walks through it it leads to this opening which appears overhead. Deep in this innermost part lies this unique Hindu Temple.

This place has the beautiful divine touch which makes one captivated and is at the countdown of fairy tale bizarre places.

3. Crooked forest, Poland

Welcome to the world of absurd imagination where witches with evil fangs live and where trees are evil with crooked trunks. Quite kiddish!

Think again. There is a forest in Poland where about 400 pine trees have crooked trunks.  It is generally believed that some form of human tool  was used to make the trees grow  in this strange  way, but the method and motive are not  known. It has been speculated that the trees may have been made to grow like this for use in furniture or boat building. Definitely not a place to wander at night!!

2. Majlis al jinn caves

Prominently tagged as the second largest cave in the world, the mystical marvel is located in  the northern limit of Salma Plateau near the village of Fins in Willyat Qurayyat . currently In the Governorate of Muscat, the Majlis Al Jinn Cave was first discovered by accident in quest for the carbonate rocks for discovering  discover deep underground water reserves. The first man to enter inside the cave was Don Davidson in 1983, which is  considered to be the shallowest of the three openings. In 1984,  he with his wife, Cheryl Jones, descended into the Cave through its deepest opening, which goes down 158 metres.  Don Davidson once again entered through the third opening in 1985.

Reaching the Cave opening requires muscular physical effort, since you have to cover a  distance of 1,300 meters to reach the cave opening through jagged mountain terrain. This trip takes around five hours.  Geologists put the age of this mystic and majestical cave (Majlis Al Jinn, or Salma Plateau  ) at fifty million years. The cave is considered a depository of natural life treasures.

The Ministry of Tourism is  developing a mechanism to facilitate tourist visits to the cave chamber to relish the geological formations and wildlife present there. they have decided to built a proper entrance to the cave. Well if there is a real aladin treasure (because it also has one entrance) one better try out his luck here.

1.  Aurora Borealis (North Pole)

Nature all stands as a clear winner. Here is another example. This majestically rich sight is a nature’s miracle in layman’s terms just like fairy tales. Auroras also called the northern and southern (polar) lights are natural beautiful lights which fill the sky with immense beauty usually at night, particularly in the Polar Regions. Named after the Roman Goddess Aurora and Greek name for north wind Boreas the phenomena seem to have received divine acceptance.  Shades of red, yellow, green, blue, and violet have been reported. The lights appear in many forms like patches or scattered clouds of light to streamers,  shooting rays that light up the sky with an eerie glow. Because the phenomena occur near the magnetic poles, northern lights have been witnessed in new Orleans in the western hemisphere, while  the east never experience the mysterious lights. However the best places to watch the lights (in North America) are in the northwestern parts of Canada, like  Nunavut, Northwest Territories , Yukon and Alaska. Auroral displays can also be glimpsed  in over the coastal waters north of Siberia , Greenland and Iceland, the northern coast of Norway and . Southern auroras are generally not viewed as they are concentrated in a ring around Antarctica and the southern Indian region