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These 10 creepiest places on earth will scare the shit out of you I Top 10 Lists & facts

This one’s for the vulnerable person within everyone as the following creepiest places will scare the hell out of anyone, whether you believe in paranormal stuff or don’t. If you do happen to visit any of the following places, you’re allowed to shit yourself silly. Famed for their mysterious yet creepy allure and chilling vibes, these places are.. dark, to say the least:

10) Aokigahara forest :

This creepiest forest is a popular place for…suicides, yes you read it right, not beauty or trees or birds but suicide. Apparently the “most popular” one in Japan . Though the data differs, still, common consensus suggests that about one hundred suicides occur there every year, yes every bloody year!

Even though depressing cold winter months seem more apt a setting for suicide, still the Aokigahara witnesses people flocking towards it during March…at the end of the fiscal year.

So that’s one forest where you probably shouldn’t take your depressed friend for a hike. Or probably should. Depending on your take.

9) Takakanonuma greenland amusement park:

So this terrifying terror town-esq looking place isn’t where killer clowns take babies to extract baby oil out of them (I’m really sorry for that joke, but come on!). It’s instead, an unchartered, remote and abandoned amusement park.

North of Tokyo, the Japanese map doesn’t include this place. Possibly because it’s practically a wasteland, or because a lot of people mysteriously died in this “amusement” park.

8) Sanzhi UFO houses:

You’re perhaps all like “but what is wrong with hideously designed and garishly colored circular house like things, that’s not creepy”. Yeah well, you will find it freaking creepy when you realize that these awkwardly built things are actually half built vacation resorts which have been literally vacant since 1978 due to a shit ton of car accidents and suicides in and around. Now again, if it isn’t creepy for you yet, just imagine yourself alone in the middle of this:

A UFO looking half built abandoned vacation spot where people killed themselves. Oh and which possibly also served as a burial ground for dutch soldiers.

Good day to you!

7) Kabayan mummy caves:

The Ibaloi peoples of the Philippines were seriously heavy on the whole “after-life” quality of life. They had THE most elaborate burial process which could at times take upto two years. The creepy part you ask?

Well, imagine randomly hiking/exploring and then coming across caves which are packed with egg shaped wooden containers…containing horrifying extremely well preserved corpses,

that’s kind of how they got discovered in 1970 anyway.

6) Overtoun House:

This one’s a really screwed up place. meet the overtoun house, where the moss thrives and dogs suicide. Yes, dog’s leap from the bridge, at their own will from this bridge, at the same spot. All of them. Though studies are going on to understand this behavior. Still a dog suicide hub overlooking canine remains is just messed up.

5) Sedlec Ossuary

The Sedlec Ossuary is a fairly popular place, for a notoriously disturbing reason. All ornaments, decorations, every bit of furnishing is made of the skeletal remains of around forty to seventy thousand people.

Although “artistically” arranged, it still is just a chapel full of dead people remains.

4) Pripyat

Pripyat is the perfect place to torment and destroy people. It’s a vandalised, abandoned city which found itself so after the unfortunate Chernobyl disaster.

It’s a completely empty, destroyed hell hole where you’d  shit yourself scared if left add to its haunt, rooms and enclosers get flooded with water from time to time, roofs leak and wild plants grow everywhere.

3) Gunkanjima aka Hashima island

Gunkanjima (literally Battleship Island) is another name for Hashima, an island close to Nagasaki which was at some point a coal mining facility, and now is the perfect place for serial killers to breed.

2) Hellingly Hospital

Ah, what “creepy places” list is complete without the cliched mental asylum gone wrong. so Hellingly was at some point a state of the art mental institution and not just a broken ruin full of creepiness where you can probably hear the screams of all who ever stayed there.

1) Isla de las muñecas

So this island is perfect to make sure your children never ask for a doll again. Ever. This small island if full of dolls hanging from trees. All kinds of dolls: broken, dismembered, blind, decapitated. You know, the works.

Apparently it’s because a girl was found dead under mysterious circumstances on this island and now she possessed all these dolls, who at night turn their heads around and stuff. Which definitely is a big load of shit, but still…I’m not yet ready to go and check!