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Make Sure Its Not Your Last Vacation: 18 Most Dangerous Tourist Places

People generally go for a vacation in search of peace and tranquility. A safe and secure place is what everyone desires at the end of the day. And what if I tell you that some tourist spots count them in the most dangerous tourist places in the world. Plane hijack, hostaging are the crimes of the past. Broad daylight murders, theft and more are the prevalent features of many tourist places. Yikes!! Presenting you a list of places where you should be going entirely at your own risk!!

18. Georgia

The ancient literature with lands of Abkhazia and South Ossetia can fascinate you with their gorgeous views. Mountains with beautiful valleys are abode of this place but makes it violent is the terror and military operations.

17. Nigeria

Places in state of Emergency should be definitely avoided for visit. The government declared emergency in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa. Curfews are a common scenario and the tourists can witness military attacks with Mali anytime if they visit the place.

16. Gautemala

This place has rather quite developed tourist infrastructure. Picturesque cities like Panachajel and Antigua are a must visit. But the place is very unsafe for women. There is an increase in cases of rape and sexual assaults and the worse they aren’t prosecuted by law.

15. Central African Republic

People  from U.S and U.K were asked to leave this country if they were on a vacation due to its crime rate spree. This place doesn’t even have U.S and U.K Embassy making it cut itself from the destination places

14. Ilha De Queimada Grande

This place is not terrorized by people but snakes .in one square meter you will walk into 5 snakes and guess what all are venomous. One bite is enough to get killed.  It is recommended to avoid the place.

13. Detroit , USA

This is one of the most dangerous places to go for a vacation. It is at the top of most violent cities in U.S for 5 years .  If you are eager to visit this Motor City in spite of all the threats, just be careful and make sure you enjoy all of the city’s amazing attractions.

12. Iran

The Milad tower , Persepolis , Lake Urmia and many others amaze the viewers but the place has been coined as the lonely Planet. But the crime spree include  murder, kidnapping, theft, fraud, money laundering, drug trafficking, drug selling, alcohol smuggling, oil      smuggling   and many other terror attacks are very common..

11. Cali, Columbia

The city offers historic beauty with cultural variety. Plaza de Calcido , the main square of the city, Cali river , San Antonia are the beautiful tourist spots in the country. Drug cartel, around 80 homicides in the city it’s not a very safe place to live or even visit. As per a popular magazine there are around 1700 assassins working for different groups in the city.

10. Chihuahua, Mexico

The Quinta Gameros Cultural Center, the cathedral , City Hall , Tour tourist in trolley are the most famous tourist places in the state. Every heart goes for them but a slight warning. Random firefights are very common in the state.  This place is the cocaine smuggling route to U.S. and hence stands at 10 spot in the list of dangerous tourist locations.

9. Nairobi, Kenya

The home to lustrous natural beauty is what holds in Kenya. Africa is the abode to many wars, illegal blood diamond business. Nairobi is most prominently unsafe for women making it one of the dangerous tourist places in the world. No one should walk at night in the city. You don’t know you could either be shot or assaulted.

8. Syria

What Syria holds is the countless deserts and the mindboggling views. But what it also has are murders, car bombings, attacks on embassy of U.S.A.  Chemical weapon usage is quite prevalent and the recent uprisings in the city by the locals against the government have made it even more unsafe.

7. North Korea

The fascinating vies of the city, the tourist spots in the country can leave you awestruck. The hotel service is so good that can meet the needs of the most frenzied and troublesome customer. But what makes this country a dangerous tourist place is the fact that you are watched closely on religious and political views you hold , for example – One may not find a U.S Embassy in the area which itself holds a red flag.

6.  Mali

This African country is not so dangerous and is famous for tourist places like Great Mosque of Djenne. But the frequent military attacks in the place can definitely spoil your vacation .

5. Iraq

There shouldn’t be any doubt why Iraq was put in the list of most dangerous tourist places. The tourist spots include Arch of Clesiphon and the states, Hanging Garden of Babylon ,  Imam husayn shrine and many others. But what causes concern is the numerous bombings in a single year which makes it extremely unsafe.

4. Myanmar

This beautiful place with natural beauty is one of the neighbouring countries of India. But what makes it dangerous is hostile and cruel military towards foreigners. You cant take souvenirs to U.S you wont be able to do so as import of gifts from Myanmar is banned. There are no ATMs in the country and only cash is available.

3. Venezuela

Would you believe if I tell you that there is a place in the world where 1 MURDER TAKES PLACE EVERY 21 MINUTES. ALARMING BUT true. The crime spree in the country is quite high and the numbers of homicide cases in the country are the highest. Yet this dangerous tourist places include the mystic Isla Margarita , Canaima National park and many others. Visit the place but maybe it may be you last vacation!!

2. Afghanistan


It should be mentioned that Afghanistan is a fabulous country. Unfortunately, we just can’t  admire its gorgeous sights at the moment. This country was out of reach for the tourists. Some years ago it also suffered from the Russian invasion and nowadays the Taliban interfere strongly with the life in Afghanistan. Today problems like insurgent activities and kidnapping are on arise . They can be really very dangerous tourist place for all those who intend to spend holiday in this country.

1. Peshawar , Pakistan

At the first spot of dangerous tourist places is the city of Peshawar famous for its Hunza valley, Fort Bala Hisar, Mahabat Khan’s mosque and many more beautiful places . But what is scary is the common blasts in the city. Blasts are a usual phenomenon and can happen anywhere. Abduction , terror camps and what not are found in the city. So be a bit careful if you are visiting this beautiful city.