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5 Largest Soccer Stadiums In The World

Size is a very delusionary figure and it’s not the sheer stadium size which matters, but the number of people which it can enthral with the performances of participants, sportsperson etc.

We have decked up top 5 largest soccer stadiums in the world basis the seating capacity. We are sure you would love it.

5. Azadi Stadium (Tehran, Iran) –  95,225 

This stadium is a part of a much larger sporting complex known as Azadi Sports  complex at Tehran. Inaugurated in 1971 it can accommodate 95,225 people at its full  capacity. Earlier named as Aryamehra it was changed to Azadi post the Iranian  revolution.

 4. Camp Nou (Barcelona, Spain) – 99,786

Referred as New field, this stadium is the home of Soccer Club Barcelona since  1957.It has the capacity of 99786. This stadium was opened on 24th September  1957.It has hosted two UEFA Champions League Finals and 1992 Summer  Olympics.On 9 August 1988, Michael Jackson performed during his “Bad World  Tour”. Apart from this it has hosted U2 360 degree tour and Tunnel of The  Love Express Tour.

3. Estadio Azteca  (Mexico City, Mexico) – 105,000

Opened in 1966 this official stadium of the Mexican national soccer team boasts of  two major feats; one of the only stadium in the world to host two FIFA world cups  finals in 1970 and 1986 and the hosting the semi-final match between Italy and Germany in 1970 which is also referred to as the “game of the century”.  Additionally  it has witnessed history unfold as Maradona scored both the “Goal of the century”  and “Hand of God goal”. Other than cricket it has been used for musical performances  of international celebs like Michael Jackson, U2, Elton John etc

2.  Salt Lake Stadium (Kolkata, India) – 120,000

Opened in the year 1984, this multipurpose stadium is also referred as “Yuva Bharati  Krirangan”  is comes 2nd in the list of Largest soccer stadiums in the world. The  stadium rightly lies in heart of Kolkata which is crazy about soccer unlike other Indian cities which are more into cricket. Sprawling over an area of 309,000 m2 it  can accommodate over 120,000 spectators without much fuss.  In 2011 FIFA  sanctioned an international level match between Argentina & Venezuela at the  stadium to boost the fan following of soccer in India. In also hosted the final match of  Oliver Kahn’s official farewell match for Bayern Munich against the local club Mohun  Bagan later in 2011.

1.  Rungrado May Day Stadium (Pyongyang, North Korea) -150,000

In  terms of seating capacity it tops  the list of the largest soccer  stadiums in the world. It has got a  jaw dropping seating capacity of  150,000 with total floor space of  207,000 m² (2.2 million ft²) spread  across eight levels.  The height of its  roof peak is more than 60 m (197 ft)  from the ground. Built near Taedong  River on the Rungnado islet it  carries the name with the word may   added to it as it was inaugurated on  the International Labour Day. i.e  May 1st, 1986. At times it’s also used  for other national events, mainly  parades. The stadium hosts an annual event known as Arirang since 2002 which involves over 100,000+ participants and twice the number of spectators. Held in August & September it has been acknowledged in the Guinness book of records as the largest event in the world.