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Could You Imagine The Frustration If Google Was A Guy?

We are grateful that we live in the world where we cannot judged by our browsing history. This video titled ‘If Google Was a Guy ’ produced by College Humor exposes the depraved side of our clandestine internet searches.

Google guy is personified as a miserable middle-aged person who has to grudgingly cater to the ridiculous, exasperating, and sometimes downright lewd requests from internet users. The video comprises a motley crew of internet users lined up outside Google office who take turns to hassle poor Google for information.  The patient, personified search engine understands only algorithms and his responses to the barrage of queries from users are hilarious!

The highlights of the video include a technologically challenged grandpa searching for his grandson on the internet; an annoying girl searching for an equally annoying cat themed song; a smutty little preteen asking for images of …well… things he wouldn’t be allowed to Google had his parents been at home (Kids google the darndest thing…this one really got me worried for the pursuits of the young); a bitcoin enthusiast; a pothead trying to understand the legality of weed in NYC; a porn obsessed creep who doesn’t think twice before unbuckling his belt ;and the epic climax when a woman asks for the “cute” version of the Boston Bombing, that’s when our tolerant and patient Google guy really loses his cool!

The video also includes a self-effacing joke on College Humor writer Pat Cassel. The user initially asks for “Patrick Cassel” and “Pat Cassel”, but when the user edits his query to “Pat Cassel Funny”, the search engine whittles down the search results to a few files. It also has its own share of snark with a jibe aimed at Mozilla Firefox.

Apart from being wicked and rib-tickling, the video is a stark reminder of our dependence on Google for all and sundry. The caricaturish internet users in the video represent each of us and it is hard to think of times when we googled  “Does  ‘its’ have an apostrophe” or “Pippa Middleton-Behind”. The funny people at College Humor have defamiliarized the entire process of internet searches through this video.  I guess the question that we need to ask ourselves is had Google been an actual person, would we dare be so cheeky? Anyway, Google bite your tongue!

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