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Goodbye Depression, Hello Life: 10 Ways To Overcome Depression

Pressure to score good, pressure to appear ‘cool’, peer pressure, relationship problems, job problems. Has life ever been ‘a bed of roses’? Well, not really. Problems have been a part of man’s life and sadly, will continue to be. All that matters is the way you deal with those problems and when you can’t, sorry my friend you are in the clutches of ‘depression’. In its very broad sense ‘depression’ can be defined as the state where in one is grieved to the extent that it causes strange behavioural changes. However it remains to say that depression is not always a result of an extremely sad event in one’s life. Depression can seriously make one’s life a living hell if not treated well-in-time. Today depression is one of the most common mental ailments found in young people. The situation is so pathetic that they have taken recourse to anti- depressants. These drugs have harmful side effects. Depression is something which is born inside you. Therefore, you must endeavour to kill it.The following ways to overcome depression might help:

10. Set ‘realistic’ goals
People end up as victims of depression when they don’t get what they want to achieve what they aspire. They tell themselves ‘I’ll work for ten hours a day’ or ‘I will score 98%’.There is a very fine line between ambition and over-ambition. Ambition is positive, over-ambition leads to stress. One of the best ways to overcome depression is to be true to yourself and aim for only those things which you really think you can achieve. Give yourself achievable targets and see the difference. Small targets not only are easy to accomplish but also give you a sense of satisfaction. We all feel fulfilled after completing what we had planned. This sense of fulfillment prevents you from being depressed.

9. Meditate
Yoga and meditation have known to be the most soothing treatment that someone can give to his or her body. If you want to overcome depression, meditation can work wonders. It cures the troubled mind of all ills and nurtures the body. One feels rejuvenated and revitalized. A healthy body is a home to a healthy mind. Meditation overcomes depression by keeping you stress free.

8. Find what makes you happy
Everyone is this world is trying to chase happiness in some way or the other. However, the underlying problem is that most people don’t really know what they actually want from life. Most of the times due to parental pressure people aren’t able to choose a profession of their choice and thus are never able to give their hundred percent. They take it as a burden and ultimately begin to hate it. This leads to depression. To overcome this you need to find out what makes you happy.
Once you find out the reason which will make you happy, you’ll actually start working in that direction. Then work will not be cumbersome and you’ll not be depressed.

7. Get enough sleep
In this fast paced world we are so engrossed in various activities that twenty four hours of the day have started to seem less. We often find people cribbing as to how they have so much to do but don’t have enough time. Obviously they can’t cut on the hours when they work so they have started to sacrifice sleep. Lack of adequate sleep has been known to cause various ailments including depression. You can overcome depression by sleeping for at least six hours a day.

6. Have good friends
Friends are rightly called one’s most prized possession. Friendship indicates how well can one maintain healthy relationships with other people. Friends are the family we choose and it does so happen that we tend to have a better relationship with our friends than our family. We can share almost anything with them, we feel happy when they are around. One needs to have someone in one’s life with whom he or she can share joys and sorrows without any hesitation. You feel light after pouring your heart out to someone. Happiness and depression are at opposite ends that don’t meet. Thus, have good friends to overcome depression.

5. Don’t let negative thoughts haunt you
We often tend to complicate our lives by over thinking. Due to this we end up creating worries and problems that didn’t even exist in the first place. It is human tendency to think negative. Between a million ‘what-ifs’ and ‘if only(s)’, it is our mind that suffers real bad. A troubled mind is constantly engaged in thinking about negativities and this becomes the root cause of depression. Therefore, go with the trend ‘Keep Calm’, stay happy and think positive. You’ll end up overcoming depression.

4. Listen good music
The word ‘good’ here is very subjective. What is good for one person might not be good for someone else. Good here means the genre of music you like. Music truly is the food for soul and providing your soul with this food can work wonders. Whenever you feel depressed listen to that ‘perfect song’ and watch yourself overcoming depression.
P.S.- Don’t listen to those extra emotional sad songs which help you to connect with your reason of grief. They’ll depress you even more


3. Say it all
Your negative thoughts and emotions begin to get you on your nerves if they don’t find an outlet. Keeping these feelings inside to one’s own self often starts to kill the person on the inside. This is the time when depression begins and eventually one is trapped. Thus, the idea is to let your thoughts out. If you don’t feel comfortable in sharing them with someone, write them down but don’t keep them inside. You’ll end up overcoming depression.

2. Don’t hold grudges
Often, the one who holds grudges ends up being the sufferer. We might trouble ourselves while being angry with someone and the other person might be completely oblivious of our suffering. The best one can do to overcome depression is to forgive and forget. The ones who hurt you are not worthy of your time and love. Let them go, you’ll feel light and overcome depression. You must have heard this- ‘Sometimes good things come to an end so that better things can follow.’ Stick to this philosophy, don’t hold on sadness for a very long time. It’s completely natural to be sad but that sadness should not become a part of your life. Don’t learn to live it, instead find reasons to be happy. I’m sure there are a million more.

1. Stay Strong
Depression might make you look down upon yourself. You start to feel that you are a useless and good-for-nothing fellow. You might not want to face the world ever again. But whatever made you depressed is in no way stronger than you are. Have faith in yourself, you’ll overcome depression. Once you learn this, you’ll be metamorphosed . The new you will be a million times stronger and trust me, then there won’t be any other reason that would be able to shackle you this bad. Always remember everything happens for a reason, each experience is a lesson in itself.

Hope these ways made you feel upbeat and would help you to overcome depression!