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Get Smart: 18 Cool Internet Tips And Tricks That You Would Love

Ever wondered that you know everything about the internet? Well I am sorry to disappoint you but you may be up for a shock and blow to your confidence when I tell you , that you certainly never knew some of its startling features. Here is a list of cool internet tips and tricks which you thought never existed.

18. Online shopping tricks

For all the online purchasers here is a cool internet tip  . Drop all your purchases in the cart and then wait before checking out. There will be many sites offering you excessive and unseen discounts and almost begging you to check out. This works maximum of times and the tip here is just patience!!

17. Shun those glasses

Internet offers an eye care facility too. All those lazy laggards who are just whining to get glasses from the next room, don’t fret just press Control + or Control – and adjust the font accordingly. Cool , isn’t it ?

16. Tab shifters

Working on internet using a tab can be a bit tedious (at least some think so). The casual lethargic tab holder can just switch between various tabs by just pressing Control +Tab and can switch between various tabs. Now no more excuses on not reading that long article you have been swearing to read as you can just switch between the tabs!!

15. Improve your search accuracy

This most of you must be knowing . You can just use a minus sign between two terms which are related and you can get a tsunami of results. For eg. Type Kim- Kayne and you will find everything from their minutest details to the much talked about and overly speculated wedding. Wow!!

14. AROUND feature

For more specific and detailed internet search about a topic try using the AROUND feature. This helps to locate words at a distance of each other even in an article . For eg. “Kayne West” AROUND 12 “song” , if you want to search the words at a distance of 12 words. The key here is the distance between the words. Impressive!! Isn’t it?

13. USE CLT + ENTER – Get on the website faster

While you type a URL in the tab just press Control + Enter and the URL will be accompanied with “www.” and “.com”. Quite easy!! Try “listcult” and check how it comes out.

12. Block those irritating ads

Hate those ads which appear before the Youtube videos or any video of that sort. Adblock is a solution for you and trust me it is probably the only solution practically possible to dismiss those annoying ads. It’s basically like having Dikembe Mutombo protecting your eyes from any type of advertisement.

11. Finding feature – USE Ctrl+F

This internet feature is quite interesting and is really required in real life too. This saves ample time in finding something . All you need is to press Control+ F and your work is done !!. We need is desperately to find our keys , purse and phone !!.

10. Find Hidden Easter eggs

Konami code is basically a cheat devised to activate a cheat in the game . It was basically for third generation games and the code is “up up down down left right left right B A” . Go to and enter the Konami code and turn up the music !!.

9. Turn Google In an Arcade Game

Internet gaming is always fun. But here is a twist , just enter zerg rush in the search tab and unleash the fun. The page becomes a game and you have to save the ‘o’s from falling. Cool !!

8. Google in retro look

Turn on the retro look of the page and enjoy. The retro look can be updated by typing “google in 1998″ it in the Google search bar.

7. Google does a barrel roll

Type in the Google search bar “do a barrel roll” and the page does roll. Amazing!!

6. Find the bacon number of a celebrity.

Bacon number is the number which shows how far a celebrity is related to the Kevin bacon. His bacon number is zero. Find the bacon number of all  celebrities and enjoy. Just type “bacon number of Tom Cruise” and see the results

5. Open link in new tab

A cool internet tip which makes it a bit easier to open links in new tab is here. Just press CTRL and click on the link to open it in new tab.

4. Get Google outside United States of America

Google can be obtained outside United states of America by adding words .uk or .in to it.

3. Disposable e-mail

To avoid getting spammed there is a solution. There’s a place in internet called 10 Minute Mail that’s pretty much self-explanatory.

2. Protecting privacy

Don’t want the internet history to not disclose your browsing history. Open the incognito window, using Ctrl + Shift + N. This helps in avoiding cookies and also the incessant looking into your browsing details by airline and hotel companies.

1. Restoring history

Many of us have those butter fingers and we close the internet browser accidently. Well a way to save yourself from the time wastage is Ctrl + Shift + T , which will actually bring your tabs from the dead.