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Get Healthy: 11 Ways To Increase Stamina

Following a very sedentary lifestyle we have turned into couch potatoes. Our health reports suck and our physical stamina goes down the drain. Following the simple steps given below we can actually increase stamina in our body… so get your sports gear ready and be ready for some sweating….

11. Pilates

Developed by Joseph Pilates in 20th century to boost physical stamina, stay fit and also reduce weight , this is very popular in Argentina, United States of America, Australia , Germany and the United Kingdom. It helps in building muscle flexibility.

It also aids in escalating muscle strength and enduring legs, hips and back. This system was developed to strengthen human mind as stamina is closely related to healthy mind. A healthy mind in a healthy body often works vice versa too. The workout regime was confined earlier to studio but with its tremendous achievement it was explored to gyms, community centres , physiotherapy rooms and other places too even homes. This form of boosting stamina has been widely acclaimed all over.

10. Hybrid exercises

A mixture of various exercises helps you build your stamina twice as the regular ones. Combining it with various asanas and lunges , crunches ,etc. one can head to positive life. These help a person to stay  fit, active and take very small time too. Regular exercises help to boost your stamina and strengthen your breath too. But a word of caution , if done not correctly they may prove to be hazardous as may pull your muscle or tear your ligament. Always hire an expert for such exercise.

9. Fast paced lifting

Basically associated with increasing strength, fast lifting can help you with your stamina problems since your body and heart respond fast simultaneously for it. These not only boost your stamina but also help to clear your excess fat. Thus offers a wide variety of benefits. Health tip: always be round the trainer while doing it, we don’t want muscle pull or ligament tearing…

8. Plyometrics

It means a group of exercises aimed at exerting pressure on muscles in a short span of time. This increases muscle strength and stamina. Examples are repeated jumping, box jumps, push-ups , bounding, drop jumps,  etc.  Single leg hops and high-knee skipping are also plyometric exercises which can be done on any soft surface such as grassy garden or maybe packed dirt.  fast-feet running is the most common example where you run just 15 or 20 yards as quickly as possible and repeat this 6 to 8 times after a very short break every time.

7. Team sports

Playing team sports is one of the most sought after method of increasing stamina. The reason being it is not boring unlike other methods because here one is surrounded and encouraged by fellow mates. Thus this ensures that you don’t leave the drill in between (as the consequences may be very bad!!). The games could be simple catch me, hockey , cricket , volley ball and many more.

6. Yoga

This really has proved its mettle in almost all scenarios. Yoga is basically about holding postures for long period. Said to be the art of India and we know it but some other countries are trying to patent it (gross!!). This actually helps build your mental stamina too. It includes breathing exercises which can help one come over asthmatic issues. So try yoga it really works well.

5. Wall climbing

So now comes the turn of an adventure sport. We must have tried this especially guys!! Well this involves excessive physical stamina as it isn’t as easy as it looks. Here you need to push your body upwards which takes your guts. It needn’t be done every day and there are many clubs where you can enroll for such amazing sport. This has been one of the most interesting activity off lately and is not that expensive too. Go join it with a bunch of adventurous friends and you will have a gala time . Health tip: don’t try to act like a stud and climb without safety gear. Ensure you have been firmly tied.

4. Stair climbing

Well with personal experience , this is the best way to increase stamina and lose weight too ( for girls). This doesn’t require some exorbitant machinery but needs some stairs which can be found anywhere. So increase your up-down cycles and this will increase the blood supply from heart more effectively and also strengthen leg muscle. And all those guys trying  for  a spot in the football or basketball teams, trust me it will add to the brownie points.Try this new routine in the morning and it will work wonders. Health tip: All girls out there don’t try this with heels please , you will be losing on your knee strength.

3. Swimming

If hydrophobic jump to next point but rest of you watch out. This not only builds up muscle strength but also cardiac action also improves. It also has deep effect on lungs. Because it is done in water improves breathing action and makes lungs strong to breath under pressure. Swimming has been the best exercise since a long time and hasn’t lost its charm. So if you are eying on something to improve stamina you are up for this.

2. Cycling

I know it may sound kidish because we used to do this when we were in school. But the benefits of this are quite handful. It helps to lot in curing health issues. It helps in escalating your stamina, enduring your leg muscles and keeps your pulse also normal. Be it stationery bike, or riding a cycle. Focus more on mileage and increase distance travelled every day. It will work wonders for you.

1. Interval training

When highly intense physical activity combined with low intensity activity , it is called interval training. It has both levels of both high and low intensity. For example sprint running with 7-8 minutes combined with jogging of 4 minutes or

20 push-ups non-stop and then do a stretching exercise for 5 minutes. This will help your body to increase stamina as the quick and light exercises are repeated which in turn adjusts your body according to the situation every time.