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Most Followed Movie Review Sites

Whether you are a movie freak or not, you definitely refer to movie review sites before watching your next flick. Time is limited and therefore the need to sort the best one. So here is a list of top 3 movie review sites that is followed the most globally basis alexa web rankings.

3.  METACRITIC /Alexa Rank – 2062

One of the new players in the business of online movie review sites it compiles reviews of Movies, Games, Albums, TV Shows and DVDs. It is somewhat similar to but differs drastically in terms of methods of reviews. A numerical value of a review is calculated and then averaged to find the resultant rating. It was created by Julie Doyle Roberts, Jason Dietz and Marc Doyle. Launched in January 2001 by Marc Doyle and her sister Julia Roberts along with his classmate from Law School, Jason Dietz it was sold to CNET in 2005 and together they owned CBS Corporation.

Metacritic’s uses a weighted average score to rate movies, the only amongst top movie review sites. Critic’s recommendations are summarized in 3 color schemes Green, Yellow and Red and the reviews are in the form of percentages.

2.  ROTTEN TOMATOES /Alexa rank – 653

As the name suggests it is derived from the act of throwing rotten tomatoes at a pitiable stage performance. It was a spare time project of a hardcore Jackie Chan fan named Senh Duong. The idea was to get access of the critics’ reviews of various films at a same place. Starting its reviews with a film called YOUR FRIENDS & NEIGHBOURS it became a huge hit in US and got mentions in NETSCAPE, YAHOO and USA TODAY. Duong collaborated with his former partners at “Design Reactor” who were students of University Of California, Berkeley for full time operations of Rotten Tomatoes and launched it officially on April 1, 2000.

In 2004 IGN entertainment bought and the very next year IGN was bought by News Corp’s Fox Interactive Media. In 2010 IGN sold Rottentomatoes to FLIXTER which makes movie rating apps for Ipad and other mobile devices. Jointly these movie review sites reach out to 30 million unique visitors a month.

Only certified critic members of various film associations can give their reviews and the selection of these critics is done on the basis their reviews and its popularity amongst online users. Top critics are generally those who write for famous newspapers or magazines. The discrimination is done on the basis of “fresh means positive and “rotten” means negative. It also includes a section of top critics consisting icons like ROGER ERBERT, DESSON THOMPSON, OWEN GLEIBERMAN, LISA SCHWARZBAUM, PETER TRAVERS AND MICHAEL PHILIPS.

1.  IMDb /Alexa Ranking – 46

Internet Movie Database (IMDb) started with a “Usenet” posting by a British hardcore film fan and a computer programmer named Col Needham. Over the years it has evolved as the largest amongst all online movie review sites for films and television series. It provides specs about the complete cast and crew along with the fictional characters which fall under the above verticals. IMDb commenced its operations on October 17, 1990 in UK and was acquired by in 1998. Started with a naive idea of posting about the beautiful eyes of gorgeous actresses titled “THOSE EYES”; today IMDb has grown to the 46th most visited website on the planet basis Alexa rankings. Currently it has database of around 2,650,400 titles and 5,472,600 personalities.

IMDb has withstood the test of time by redesigning itself time and again to remain relevant for its users. It has witnessed rough weather too however the site has managed to sail past these twist and turns. After its first list “THOSE EYES”, IMDb started adding lists of actors, directors and actress. Subsequently they added list of “DEAD ACTORS/ACTRESSES” with an intent to acquire more traffic. On October 17, 1990 Needham collected those scripts and posted the UNIX SHELL SCRIPTS of the lists and it led to the birth of IMDb with a name “rec.arts.movies” movie database”. In 1993, Needham decided to leave Usenet and make IMDb an independent website with controls given to its followers. The traffic and the volume of data increased when the contributors posted the verified info on voluntary basis. Soon it had the largest database of cast and crew and sections of demographic data were added. In 1996 it became Internet Movie Database Limited with Needham as its owner. Funding usually came from licensing, partnerships and advertising. They tried some advertising also but it was inadequate to fund for the daily operations and in 1998 Needham sold IMDb to with a clause that the operations would remain in the hands of Needham and his managers. It proved out to be a win win situation for both. IMDb could pay its shareholders and Amazon started advertising its DVD and videotapes on IMDb. Today IMDb serves to a global audience size of 67 million per day and  has many versions in various languages like Romanian, Polish, Italian, Hungarian, Finnish, German, Portuguese and French.