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10 Dark side of Hollywood stars which will blow your mind – Top 10 Lists & facts

Hollywood is rife with glamour stories of its blue eyed boys and golden haired women .Terrible secrets are often told in hushed voices about the repugnant stories of these cinematic icons. We are here to uncover some of the known and the not-so- known secrets of Hollywood stars. These well kept secrets have found their way out and have painted a very murky picture of the untouchable gods of the silver screen.

10.Brad Pitt destroyed the sanctity of marriage

(No, not the one you are thinking of)


Let start with the delectable Mr. Pitt. We all know his divorce saga with cute-as-a-button Jennifer Aniston. Some of us wished him well with Angelina and the brood, while some of us wished him a host of painful venereal diseases and hoped that he peed blood till he died. Very few know about his near death escape with the gap-toothed terror Mike Tyson. An established playboy, Pitt wanted to up his amorous ante by trying his luck with the then Mrs. Tyson Robin Givens. The two were caught in flagrante by Mike himself. Tyson known for his mercurial temper was definitely not amused, but let’s just say that without his thoughtful amnesty we wouldn’t have had cinematic gems such as Fight Club and World War Z… (Yeah the World War bit is a joke K )

9. Eddie Murphy dumped his baby mama.


There are a lot of things we can’t forgive Eddie Murphy for. We sure can’t forgive him making Norbit or for scarring us with the “Granny loves Buddy” scene in Nutty Professor 2 (You can’t unsee the spit-laden make-out scene). Ok here’s the video of  Buddy Love kissing Grandma


There is definitely no redemption for him from his very public break up with the former Spice Girl Mel B. He allegedly dumped her when she was six months pregnant with his child. To add insult to injury, he refused to accept responsibility for the pregnancy and subtly questioned Mel’s morality by saying,”…I don’t know whose child that is until it comes out and has a blood test”. (Still picturing the make-out scene…Ugh)

Murphy was reported to be upset by Mel’s treatment of his mother and that allegedly fueled the break up. Coincidentally, he was soon spotted with another woman which led many to question the veracity of Murphy’s claims. Mel maintained her dignified silence and refused to make any snide remarks. Watch that behind Mr. Murphy, Karma is filing her teeth.

8. Mel Gibson is an anti Semite.


Really? Mel Gibson of the blue eyed, dimple- cheeked, smolderingly handsome fame could have a dark side? Well it turns out that Mad Max hates Jews. The world knows he produced The Passion of the Christ which pointed a judgey finger at the Jewish community. The movie portrayed Jews in a bad light subtly reinforcing primitive anti-Semitic beliefs. That’s not all; many years ago at a private party he called Winona Ryder, who’s Jewish, an “oven- dodger” – a macabre term for the survivors of gas chamber executions.

Come on Mel, I bet you spend your day trimming Swastika topiaries in your garden.

7. Winona Ryder is a Kleptomaniac.

Speaking of Winona, She is a known kleptomaniac. Breathtakingly beautiful with an angelic countenance, Ryder could have easily smiled her way out of her 2002 shoplifting episode at Saks Fifth Avenue had the authorities not been caught her on camera. The episode made many of us question the strange lives celebrities lead. Why would a successful Hollywood actress, at the peak of her career want to do something so self destructive? She could have just paid for those items she stole. Her squeaky clean reputation was soiled along with the promise of a bright career. She attributed it to mental stress and anxiety issues associated with the Hollywood life. However, she is back after a long hiatus and has put the nightmare behind her back.

On an unrelated note, here is Eddie Murphy in a drag.

6. Woody Harrelson had a dangerous daddy.


Woody Harrelson who has played some memorable roles has a dark secret too (well, hardly a secret now). Harrelson, who is known for his new-agey hemp suit wearing and raw food eating lifestyle, is the son of the infamous hitman Charles Harrelson. He was known for the high profile contract killing of Judge John H Wood. Though Charles not present throughout Woody’s childhood, Harrelson junior never stopped his association with him. Woody made it a point to visit his father regularly in jail. In an interview he gave to People Magazine he stated, “…My father is one of the most articulate, well-read, charming people I’ve ever known. Still, I’m just now gauging whether he merits my loyalty or friendship. I look at him as someone who could be a friend more than someone who was a father”

5. O J Simpson didn’t do it… but it he did.


Retired American footballer and actor O.J Simpson’s professional achievements were stymied by his involvement in the 1994 trial of his ex-wife Nicole Brown’s murder. O. J was convicted of brutally murdering Nicole and her alleged lover Ron Goldman in a fit of jealous rage. The details of the murder were so grisly that they would keep you off ketchup and steak for a few weeks.

Through a very famous trial, O. J’s lawyers fought tooth and nail to exonerate him from the blame. Although he was acquitted from the crime, circumstantial evidence seemed to implicate him. Most of America was certain of O.J’s involvement, but that didn’t stop him from penning a hypothetical account of how he would have killed Nicole. The book If I Did It was distastefulshow of chest-thumping especially for a person who escaped conviction so narrowly.

4. Angelina Jolie stole her mum’s boyfriend.


I can hear collective curses of Jolie-haters from all over the world going, “Is there any man who’s off-limits for this woman?”

How could she not feature here? Her obsession with knives and corpses is legendary and so is her penchant for sexual experimentation with various species of life on earth. Name anything forbidden and she may have slept with it or snorted it.  Jolie may seem like the grand old mother of everything dark and evil but this particular detail may be icky even by her standards.

Marcheline Bertrand, Angelina’s mother was in a live-in relationship with an unnamed man and was known to be deeply in love with him. This did not stop 16- year -old (dear god!) Jolie from romping with him. She confessed her affair to her mother which caused a strain on their relationship. .. …I really want to insert a joke about her ethnic child collection…but guess I’ll save it for another article

3. Woody Allen married his step-daughter.


Angelina Jolie threw up in her mouth a little. Oh Woody, you make her cringe.  Scandal broke out in 1992 when Allen was revealed to have had an affair with his step daughter Soon-Yi Previn. Naked pictures of the 21 year-old-girl were discovered by her step mother and Woody Allen’s then girlfriend Mia Farrow. The public couldn’t decide what was more disturbing; a 56 year-old man sleeping with a woman who was technically like his daughter or the mental image of Woody Allen doing anything amorous with a woman. Excuse me; I think I got acquainted with last night’s dinner… Barf!

2. Julia Roberts is a bully.


The pretty woman has a rather mean side which caused her half-sister, Nancy Motes, to suffer from chronic depression and low self esteem. The homely looking Motes already had giant shoes to fill as far as her successful elder sister was concerned. In addition to this, she also had to face constant criticism from Julia who would ridicule her about her weight issues. Earlier this year, Motes committed suicide and implicated her sister and her mother in a three-page-long note.

Roberts’ vitriol filled eulogy for Motes was even stranger. This lead many to believe that Motes’ opinion about her elder sister may have more than a grain of truth in it.

1. Alfred Hitchcock was a stalker.


The rotund film maker may be lauded for his sinister cinematic style, but what happened behind the camera was perhaps more sinister. He was a brilliant film maker who would pluck beautiful women from obscurity and transform their lives by introducing them to stardom and glamour. Kim Novak, Grace Kelly and Janet Leigh were all one-time muses of Hitchcock. Not many know of his rather unsavoury obsession with these beautiful women, notably, Tippi Hedren. Hitchcock was fixated with her and left no stone unturned to win some of her affections. Hedren, instead, would reject his overtures bluntly causing him to harbour a life-long resentment against her. His insecurities were further fueled by his own alleged impotency which made him antagonize her in many ways possible. He trapped her in a contract that prohibited her for working for other film makers for a seven year period. After this debacle, Hedren’s career was effectively destroyed.

Oh come on! You knew this was coming.