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What colour of eyes tells about your personality I Top 10 Lists & facts

Since ages prediction has been man’s favourite sport. Though being the part of nature, he has always tried to decode the underlying meaning of the things that existed in the vicinity. But what he loves more than anything else is, exploring more about himself and decoding other humans, as there aren’t any hard and fast rules to do so.  Predicting human mind and personality traits through behaviour has been long lost measures, but decoding them through the unusual body parts, such as eye  makes  it  much more interesting. The kaleidoscopic arena of the colour of eyes, apart from making someone fall in love with them, share unearthed facts about them. From the most common ones, to the rarest, the colour of eyes can tell a lot about one’s personality. A person’s eye is like a key to the labyrinth of his feelings, making it a platform to reflect the deep attributes of the personality. Here is a list of some of the most commonly found eye colours to the rarest of rarest, and what you can trace about yourself by possessing them.

Brown eyes

An earthly but rich colour, It’s one of the most commonly found eyes colours all over the world. People possess brown eyes due the presence of large amounts of melanin pigments. Brown eyes represent strength, creativity and simplicity. Brown eyed people possess a strong affinity towards nature and like to enjoy most of their time admiring the natural beauty rather than chasing materialistic possessions. Passionate, romantic and trustworthy, they make one of the perfect love partners.  Their aura is charismatic and their charming looks are adorable.  With cool temperament and wisdom, they prove to be helpful when approached for a good advice. However they mostly like to keep to themselves, nurturing their inner capabilities and creativity.

Hazel eyes 

Hazel eyed people are the real heroes of action. Full of spirit and adventure they are the ones who would barge into the sea of opportunities when called for. These go –getters are independent and courageous people who are always in the search of new space and innovating ideas. Their hazel eyes apart from making them look beautiful in the golden sunlight, imparts in them, a sense of pride and the “never give up” attitude.  Spontaneous and energetic, their short temper sometimes pushes them back. Meddling with them would not be a good advice when they are mad although they are romantic and sweet in terms of relationships; especially the guys who are found to be sensitive and emotional.

Black eyes 

One of the rarest eye colour, black eyed people are grounded to their core, passionate & hardworking. Strong willed and determined they like to take control of their lives. They indulge themselves in elegance and sophistication is their key motto- both physically and mentally. They would keep others at distance, guarding their inner feelings forming an invincible wall between themselves and the other people. But with their strong relation with their conscience, these people adhere to it and come out to be truthful and trustworthy. They will never let you down and prove to be true to their words.

Blue eyes  

One of the most popular eye colour, blue eyed girls have always stood out as muses of songwriters and musicians. Appearing lively and fresh, blue eyed people are charming, beautiful and amiable. Possessing a spiritual soul, they always live life to the fullest and turn out to be faithful partners in the long run. Extrovert to their feelings, they don’t possess two versions of themselves and they reflect their real inside. Enigmatic, intense and a gift of insight and observation, makes them different from the league.  These people are mostly self sufficient, have great stamina and love to take initiative. Though they get grumpy and moody sometimes, otherwise they are happy –go-lucky kind of persons.

Grey eyes

The smokey ash colour of the eye retells the tale of phoenix as the people possessing this colour are born leaders. They lead the way to others and themselves. Strong hearted , determined and with clear mental attitude , they don’t bow down easily before the tough times and would fight with all their might to improve the circumstances at any cost.  Due to their leadership qualities and clarity of mind , they are mostly reliable and trustworthy. Helpful in nature , they would come upfront in offering their unconditional help . A calm peaceful mind possessing extreme patience is one of their traits , which gives them their rational attitude towards worldly affairs . Disciplined and organised , they inspire others to follow them .

Green eyes

The green eyed people represent the artistic streak of the league. Extremely passionate and creative , they possess vibrance as an inborn trait. Their adventurous souls pave way for innovation and creativity and with their sharp minds they are able to get well among people. They say the emerald hue enhances their oratory skills and they can hold good conversations to influential speeches. But the best part is that their passion nurtures the relationships and they prove to be trustworthy and loyal life partners . The jealousy stuff sometimes holds them back , but being unpredictable most of the times , they switch between these spaces

Violet eyes

It is the rarest colour of eyes on the earth, and a very minimal percentage of the population has violet eyes. It is a result of an incomplete albinism. Elizabeth Taylor, the leading lady of the Hollywood’s golden age, apart from being recognized for her acting skills and beauty, was known widely for her beautiful violet eyes. Being the lucky ones to possess them, violet eyed people are highly imaginative, possess a great amount of self esteem and believe in doing things the perfect way.  Their high ideals prove to be their success markers and their aura is felt in their presence. Being charismatic and charming, they are adorable and stand out to be the centre of attention in any social gathering.