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4 surprisingly dark origins of popular fairy tales I Top 10 Lists & facts

Although now we’re fed on a diet of love, magic and happily-ever-afters thanks to disney adaptations of classic fairy tales and well, some very needed revisions of Grimms’ Fairy Tales over the years. The original versions of these fairy tales were far from child-friendly, but to be fair, the Grimms’ never really set out to entertain children. Their first edition of “Grimms’ Fairy Tales” was scholarly in tone, with footnotes and no illustrations. Here are some intriguing (read: screwed up) versions and origins of some tales:

1) Snow-white and the Seven dwarfs:


Since most of us have been fed the vanilla version of Snow white, it might come as a shock to discover that in the original Snow white and the seven dwarfs the queen didn’t ask for Snow white’s heart to be brought back in a jeweled box but instead wanted her liver AND heart back, so she could cook and eat it for dinner (my childhood is weeping as of now). If that isn’t shady enough for you, then check this out: Snow-white did not come back to life by a kiss from the prince in the original version. She came back to life by being jostled by the prince’s horse as he carries her (still dead body) back to his castle. (for some Ted Bundy level shit, presumably). In case all that didn’t make your day yet, then here’s another tidbit. The story ends with the evil queen being forced to put on “the red-hot” shoes, and dancing herself to death.

2) Cinderella:


In the original version, apart from the hallucinogenic-response-like events, you know, like a random pumpkin turning into a carriage etc there isn’t much gore or anything which would make you rethink your childhood and judge your parents. However in the original version of Cinderella, the blotch on humanity aka the evil stepsisters cut their toes and heels (respectively) off, just to fit into the shoe. Inspite of their veiled efforts, the prince was alerted by his doves (it gets weirder) about the blood flowing from their mutilated feet. Which eventually led him to cinderella…which resulted in them getting married and living happily ever after. The same cannot be said for the stepsisters as the trusted doves from heaven flew down and pecked their eyes out, as a punishment for their antics.

3) Sleeping Beauty:


The Disney version of sleeping beauty makes you want a fairy around you at all times (just in case). BUT the original will make you want to not sleep ever again and walk around instead looking like a meth-head, because in the original tale aka Sun, Moon and Talia by Basile (which is the original story by the way) the sweet sweet sleep doesn’t really happen because of a curse and she doesn’t wake when the prince arrives. In it instead, the princess is… er raped by a king and gives birth to his children while still asleep. She wakes only because one of her dear children sucks on her finger which removes the piece of flax. Also, the woman who hates her and tried to eat her children and her, is the king’s jealous wife not his mother.

4) Little Red Riding Hood:

Okay so we all know the one where red and granny live on and nothing bad happens to anyone except the wolf, who was kind of… asking for it. But since we’re hellbent on ruining your childhood and you’ve made it so far, we must let you know that the original version is some weirdly messed up shit. In them,

the bad guy isn’t always a wolf but can be an ogre or a werewolf. The blood and meat of the grandmother is left by the wolf for the girl Who, does exactly that. In some variants, the world makes her strip and attempts to eat her after she’s in bed…smooth.


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