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15 proposal ideas to make her say “YES” this valentine

As Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, the need to talk about proposal ideas is a must.

While there are some who are still enjoying the romantic languor of their fairly new relationship, there are others who are planning to put an official stamp on their age-old romantic rendezvous. Those of you who are planning to TAKE THE PLUNGE, here goes a list of proposal ideas to do it right.
15. YouTube proposal

I am not a big fan of PDA (public display of affection), but in case you are, this is just the right way (platform) for you to make her say “Yes”! Modern ways of modern days, people upload videos and make the world go “awww”.

Caution: In case she backs out of the proposal, you’ll be the laughing stock of the nation.

14. The Champagne Ring

The classic clichéd way to pop the question. You cook an elaborate dinner (make sure you posses culinary skills for this one), light a couple of scented candles; place the champagne bucket within reach. It doesn’t take a genius to figure this one out. This is one of the most Safe and easy proposal ideas in this list.

Caution: Be very sure and confidant about receiving an affirmative reply from the love of your life before setting up this scene or else the champagne will have to go down the drain (expensive affair!).

13. Place where you first met her

Yes, it will bring memories rushing back; she’ll be in your arms in no time. Carry a picnic basket to celebrate and savour your love.

Caution: Not completely unpredictable. Further, I hope you guys met up in a park, you cannot pop up the question, going down on your knee, say in a hospital lobby or a local train for that matter ( in case that’s the place where you met her) .

12. Favourite Restaurant

I am sure you have been seeing each other for some time now. You know her favourite movie, favourite song, favourite food…voila! Take her to her favourite restaurant and treat her taste buds.

Caution: Hopefully she doesn’t like one of those deafeningly loud restaurants with in-your-face ambience. (In case she does, take her to the new and quiet place in town).

11. Puzzle (crossword)
So the important other loves to solve puzzles (or crosswords)? Left to herself, she devours newspapers and magazines. Don’t fret! She just paved a way for you. Leave an unsolved puzzle on the coffee table. Adding more to the excitement, make a couple of puzzles that act as clue for her to follow.

Caution: Make sure she has those little gray cells to figure out the puzzle.

10. Photography

If you and your lady love love taking selfies, then this should be your style. Hire a photographer, better still a friend with decent photography skills (affordable!) to click random pictures of both of you. After a couple of regular shots, get down on your knee and ASK! Impromptu is always the best. An added bonus, you get to capture the life altering event.

9. Karaoke night

So both of you are music enthusiasts, eh? Take her to one of the best music gatherings in town, wine and dine accompanied. And when the evening draws to an end, go up to the stage, sing a love song (while she’s in the spotlight) and PROPOSE!

Caution: If your mother and bathroom are the only two to appreciate your vocals, then do not go down this road.

8. Gifts

If it’s not Valentine’s, then it’s her birthday, in case not her birthday then just another day with a prospective surprise(s) lined up. Everybody loves reasonless gifts. Send her a surprise bouquet with a “Marry Me” card stuck to it, or her favourite chocolates with the ring snuck in, or a fluffy teddy bear clutching a “Marry Me” pillow.

7. Picasso possessed

You paint? Or, your friend paints? Or, you are well off to pay an artist to paint? Once you find the appropriate answer, make sure a portrait of your lady love with her hand tucked under her chin, with a twinkling ring squarely sitting on her ring finger is painted and delivered at her place. She gets the clue and you get the desired answer ( hopefully).

6. Gift a Pet

A sign of willingness to share your private space, gifting a pet speaks abundantly. If (s)he loves dogs or cats, then gift her one with a ring loosely secured around its neck. Apart from a proclamation you will also take the second step towards building a family.

5. Publishing a book

Have always wanted to write? But the fear of criticism has held you back? The only living person who has ever read you works is your significant prospective other half? So here is an opportunity for you to live the dream of your life. Write your love story and get it published. You’ll get a wife and become an author as well (Kill two birds with one stone).

4. Live and Exclusive

Remember Neelam saying,”Anjali you are being missed” in “Kuch kuch hota hai”. We all may say, “It happens only in films” but, it does happen. A challenging task with ample networking,  yet would surely bring sweet results at the end. If not the TV, try the radio.

3. Skywriting

I don’t know about you, but the prospect of having my name written on the heavens above holds a thrill for me. All the naked eyes will see it (and you’ll save yourself from the hassle of sending the wedding invites). Hire a skywriter and write her name with “Marry Me”. Somebody please say, “Awww”.

2. The Filmy style

Do not do it at the movies (she won’t be tempted to say a “Yes” by looking at the ring, as she would not be able to see it in the dark!). Instead, do it like the movies. Remember, Mila Kunis wanted the same in “Friends with Benefits”. Taken aback, enter flash mob, pop the question, happy ending!

1. Meet the Parents

Robert De Niro asked,” Greg Focker would you be my son-in-law”. And though it would seem to be a hideous idea in the beginning, but it will surely bowl him over. And what’s life without surprises (surprise of being asked to be somebody’s son-in-law). Moreover, the parents won’t feel left out (read Indian parents) as you decide to get hitched. This will definitely guarantee a big fat wedding.

All said and done, all you need now is loads of good luck and remember to be yourself, as that is how he (or she) fell in love with you.

“Tous mes voeux de Bonheur”