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15 Power Couples of the world – Interesting facts & Top 10 lists

Matches are made in heavens above. The acquaintance of two, turning into love which eventually ties them with the bonds of holy matrimony, is not happenstance, but predestination. But its neither happenstance nor predestination when the world bows at the feet of these duos. They command respect; they instigate jealousy (in others), oblivious to all these, they continue doing what they are good at. These are the power couples. They fell in love with each other and are trying to spread the same in and around. They dress like royalties in the company of kings yet are comfortable to dress like paupers when the circumstance commands at other times, spreading relief, raising awareness, adopting children, eradicating (or at least trying to ) evil , in an attempt to make this world a better place. These are folks who’ve utilised their stardom for a good and better cause. Here are the top 15 power couples, who are rich, famous, influential and responsible as opposed to snooty and reckless.

15. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith


They’ve been married for over a decade now (for which alone they deserve an award) .The stunning duo has been rocking the power couple charts for some time now. Smith has been setting new milestones in his acting and singing career, with Lady Smith enthusiastically Facebooking and Tweeting throughout the day when she is not posing for shutterbugs.

14. Magic and Cookie Johnson


The retired basketball player, Earvin “Magic” Johnson, Jr. is one lucky champ to have Cookie Johnson as his wife. The duo believe in love conquers all and have built movie, theatres, fashion line and other entities enterprises with the power of this love. Cookie Johnson is a philanthropist and board member of Magic Johnson Foundation, which spreads awareness about HIV/AIDS prevention. NBA star’s wife and AIDS! Wondering why? Well, her husband is unfortunately HIV ridden (from another woman) which was discovered by Cookie in the last stages of her pregnancy! And if you are imagining a rocky marriage and an expensive divorce, then you are dead wrong my dear! They are still going strong with the lady love vehemently fighting against the disease along with her husband.

13. Beyonce and Jay-Z


The Billboard officially declared them to be the number 1 power couple in Billboard’s 2014 Power 100 list. The talented duo has been scoring top spots on every imaginable list in this world. They are also the highest earning couple in the entertainment business.

12.  Grant Hill and Tamia


Their life hasn’t been easy. Hills with a successful career in the NBA rubbed shoulders with bad times after being injured multiple times and the consequent surgeries which followed. And just when he thought his bad times were coming to an end, his wife,Tamia was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. And did they fall apart? They were neither broker nor bent. They have a love story custom made in Disneyland. After 14 years of togetherness, they continue to be an acclaimed philanthropic couple with their support and time for organizations like Habitat for Humanity and are avid supporters of Black fine arts.

11. Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker


They can be described in one word, PERFECT. With their heart warming (fluttering, as well) appearance on Showtime’s hit series “Soul Food”, the couple was nominated for NAACP Image Awards in the outstanding actor and actress categories between 2001 and 2005.  The picture- perfect love story continued with a dent. Their tiny daughter was born with spina bifida, a serious birth defect. But instead of giving up the couple is committed to raising awareness of the disease.

10. Rodney and Holly Robinson Peete


They are rich, famous and in love, thereby living for a cause. Successful NFL player and American’s television sweetheart live happily after and are making an attempt to spread happiness in small yet crucial measures. The couple with four children are dedicated to HollyRod Foundation to assist the one’s  impacted by Parkinson’s disease, and also raise awareness for children with autism.

9. Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath


When two poets come together they definitely forge a dynamic coalition (their matrimony was coalition of sorts). Ted in Al Alvarez’s The Savage God speculated what it must have been like having two poets of their calibre under one roof. While Sylvia was shadowed throughout their matrimony, they made a spectacular couple. Their togetherness and later on being separated, added jewels (poems) to the literary world.

8. Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera


The posthumous power couple were heralded as the powerful art duo. The Mexican painters Frida though led a volatile marriage fueled by betrayal, devotion, inspiration, passion, politics and painting.  They influenced and strengthened each other in the way of art. In spite of their fickle marriage, their contribution to the art world shaped by their many affairs is noteworthy.

7. Cleopatra & Marc Antony


Their alliance reeked of power. One of the most famous women in history, Cleopatra VII was conniving and beautiful (a deadly combination). She is often portrayed to be a bimbo, which is not so! She was an accomplished mathematician and gifted linguist fluent in nine languages, Cleopatra was also skilled politician popular with her people. On her marriage to Marc Antony, one of the Roman Empire’s greatest leaders, she received most of Middle East as a wedding gift (and men complaint ‘bout us!). With faults and powers of their own, they loved each other deeply (in the course of which many lives were taken away) finally dying a Romeo- Juliet kinda death.

6. Eric Holder and Sharon Malone


And if you thought, to be a power couple one should either be a movie star, a sportsman, then you would be surprised to know of Eric Holder and his wife. United States Attorney General Eric is power personified. While Holder regularly rubs elbows with the nation’s political elite as a member of President Obama’s inner circle his wife, Malone, a gynaecologist and obstetrician in private practice, has delivered more than 500 babies in the D.C. area alone. And this is a real power couple!

5. Queen Rania of Jordan & King Abdullah bin Al-Hussein


If you don’t know who she is, then jumping off a building would be an easy way out of your low IQ. She is pretty and most importantly intelligent and is a QUEEN. A rare species where in her husband’s name follows her; Queen Rania and King Abdullah are Jasmine and Aladdin with their backgrounds switched. This powerful duo took Jordan to new heights.

4. Harold Evans and Tina Brown


The editor of the New Yorker, Vanity Fair and now Daily Beast, Tina Brown is individually influential enough. Whereas her husband, Harold Evans has been the editor of Sunday Times for 14 years, they are journalism world’s most powerful couple. Imagine two news individual sharing space and life!

3. Hillary and Bill Clinton


After resigning from her post as the US secretary of state, she’s been making news. And even when her husband held presidency, they made a perfect power couple. Instead of hosting dinner parties and playing second fiddle to her husband, Mrs. Clinton penned down a remarkable memoir, Living History (and has plans to write another). So even when most have long forgotten her husband, it is Hillary who kindles the fire of remembrance for what, who and how powerful they are.

2. Michelle & Barack Obama


This pair is a staple ingredient in every list. They are charismatic, rock solid-going strong, embracing all, what’s not to like! While the man is known to be a member of the “first” club (first black president and so on), his lady love is a lawyer.

1. Pierre and Marie Curie


“With great power comes great responsibility” and who would know this better than the duo, pioneers of radiology. They were great minds which thought alike. They win the power couple race hands down. A joint Nobel Prize in 1903 for their breakthrough work, this is a couple we all must be thankful to.