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15 bizarre deaths which will leave you completely stunned!

Happens to all, happens all the time, yet happens to be the saddest moment of each of our lives. Losing a beloved and hearing someone losing a beloved is always saddening. Death is also the only time when even the worst of people manage to gain sympathy and a shoulder to cry on. But following are those with whom we should sympathize even more, as they bid goodbye, never to return, but in an unfathomable and bizarre manner. Scroll down to explore 15 bizarre deaths which will leave you stunned

15. Allan Pinkerton


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The head of the famous Pinkerton detective agency failed to defend death. Known for his unique investigation technique, this gentleman died of TONGUE BITE…Well, bit his tongue, and gangrene, which set in, resulted in his bizarre death. Everyone, swallow your tongues!

14. Alex Mitchell


Laughter is the best medicine, right? Wrong! On the flipside too much of anything is good for nothing. Alex Mitchell of England was a stranger to this fact. During a comedy show called “The Goodies” he laughed his gut out for nonstop 25 minutes and thereby died. Apparently, he had had a heart attack due to the lack of oxygen. “The Goodies” was not that good, it seems.

13. Gareth Jones


Taking this series of bizarre death, How would you feel if an actor died on screen? No big deal, it’s a part of the script! Well, what if the actor took the script way too seriously and REALLY died instead of enacting his death!

“Armchair Theatre” a drama anthology series which ran on British television was broadcasted live in its early years. This lasted until their actor Gareth Jones collapsed and died live and exclusive, making the problems inherent to live production apparent. Gareth succumbed to a massive heart attack. Ironically, Jones’s character was actually supposed to have a heart attack at a later point of the play.

12. Collyer brother


Homer and Langley Collyer were two American brothers acclaimed for their bizarre nature and compulsive hoarding. They had a fear of throwing anything away and obsessively collected junk.

In 1947, the police, after much difficulty getting into their house, found Homer Colleyer dead with no signs of Langley around. About two weeks later, after removing nearly 100 tons of garbage from the house, a partially decomposed (and rat chewed) body of Langley was found. Apparently, Langley was crawling through a newspaper tunnel to bring food to his paralyzed brother when one of his own booby traps crushed him to death. His brother later died of starvation. Thou shall not hoard!

11. Tennessee Williams


The famous playwright and author (think, A Streetcar Named Desire) choked to death on the plastic cap of an eye drop. Tennessee had a habit of securing the cap of his eye drop bottle between his teeth while inserting his eye drops. This habit finally led him to his bizarre death.

10. Gary Hoy


We all find ourselves in conversations where we are trying hard to convince others. But how hard are we really trying? Take a cue from Gary Hoy. In order to prove to a group of visitors that the glass of Toronto- Dominion Centre was “unbreakable”, the 38-year-old threw himself against the window. Yes you read it right…He threw himself out of the window. No prizes for guessing, the window was breakable and so was Gary!

9. Robert Williams


There’s a first time for everything. First time of being killed by a robot, anyone! In 1979, Robert Williams climbed into a storage rack at the Ford’s Motor Flat Rock to retrieve a part because the parts-retrieval robot malfunctioned. Suddenly the robot jumped into life and knocked him in the head, killing him instantly.

8. Bernd-Jurgen Brandes


We all know our time will come one day, but none of us wants that time to be brutal. To each his own, I suppose. Bernd-Jurgen Brandes was voluntarily chopped and feasted by Armin Meiwes. Bernd volunteered for an bizarre advertisement posted by Armin on “The Cannibal Cafe”, with a desire to be stabbed and feasted on.

7. Hans Steininger


Are you an “anti-clean-shave” enthusiast? Then this one is for you! Hans Steininger was famous for having the world’s longest beard (4.5 feet ie. nearly 1.4 m long). One unfortunate day, there was a fire in the town and in his haste Hans forgot to roll up his beard thereby stumbling on it and breaking his neck!

6. King Adolf Frederick


At number 6 in this bizarre death series is King Adolf Frederick of Sweden who loved food. At 61, when most stick to a diet, this food-lover gorged on some giant lobster, caviar, saurkraut, cabbage soup, smoked herring, champagne and 14 servings of his favorite dessert: semla, a bun filled with marzipan and milk, thereby dying of ‘the-opposite-of-hunger’.

5. Isadora Duncan


“The Mother of Modern Dance” Isadora was murdered by the one she loved- her trademark scarf. Her beloved silk scarf winding around the wheel of a passing by vehicle dragged her bodily over the side of the car thereby strangling and killing her instantly.

4. Yooket Paen


This takes sibling rivalry to new heights. A 57-year-old Thai woman Yookey Paen accidently slipped on cow dung grabbed a naked live wire and got electrocuted to death. Right after her funeral, Paen’s sister Yooket Pan, was showing her neighbour how the accident took place. Guess what? Paen’s spirit came back with revenge. Her sister slipped, grabbed the same live wire and also got electrocuted to death!

3. Viagra


And your eyes popped out of their sockets? Well, this is not what it seems like. A 28-year-old Russian chap bet two women he could have sex with them for non-stop twelve hours. He won the $4,300 bet only to suffer a heart attack several minutes later because of the entire bottle of Viagra he had gulped down before the challenge.

2. Clement Vallandigham


Figuring at number 2 in this bizarre death series is Ohio politician and lawyer Clement Vallandigham who was a highly successful lawyer who rarely lost a case. At one time, Vallandigham defended Thomas McGehan who was accused of shooting one Tom Myers during a brawl. Vallandigham defended that Myers had accidentally shot himself while drawing his pistol from a kneeling position.  He decided to demonstrate his theory in order to convince the jury. Unfortunately he ended up drawing and shooting himself with a loaded gun. But as we know one man’s meat is another man’s poison. By shooting himself to death, Vallandigham succeeded in demonstrating the plausibility of the accidental shooting and got his client acquitted.

1. A poor husband…


…said no wife. A drunken man from St. Petersburg, Russia, was arguing with his wife one fine night. In the heat of the moment, the angry wife kicked the handle of the folding couch he was lying on and stormed out, only to get back home and find him trapped to death.