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12 most expensive cities in the world

Since the advent of mankind money has been the managing money has been an issue. with being mounting and being quadrupled , we have been at the mercy of the government to control inflation. When people wonder about their expenses and how are they gonna cope up with the cost of living, you may never think of moving to the following cities. Here is the list of most expensive cities in the world which has been calculated considering prices of food, drink, clothing, household supplies and personal care items, home rents, transport, utility bills, private schools, domestic help and recreational activities.

12. Hong Kong


We can say China is progressing and seeing the condition of the beautiful city Hong Kong, we become absolutely sure. With a very high Human Development index of around 0.9 (whereas India’s is around fumbling 0.5) and a high per capita income , the city also counts itself in the most expensive cities in the world. With rent around 2840 pounds!! (Trust me it’s way too high than other places) home searchers are just pulling their hair managing outlay in this uberly cool expensive city.

11. Sydney


The land of Kangaroos, Australia is making quantum leaps in progress and following its footsteps is the rising cost of living. At no. 11 spot stands high one of the most sought after and expensive city i.e. Sydney. A bad place to be a smoker and why is that so? Because cigarette prices are as high as Rs. 800!! . Well Chain smokers will definitely become bankrupt there!! (Pun intended).

10. Copenhagen, Denmark


This expensive capital of Denmark is at no. 10 notch of 10 most expensive cities in the world. It is the economic and financial support system of the entire Scandinavian – Baltic region. The region is so expensive that 2 litres of cola cost 3 pounds!! It has a high ranking for quality of life. It is a stable economy . though its expensive city still it’s the most livable city as per 2013 census.

9. San Francisco


One of the most densely populated in the state of California, San Francisco is also popular because of the famous bridge and being very expensive to live. Here a bottle of red wine costs 10 pounds. Popular for its conventions it scores 43rd spot out of 100 in most visited cities in the world.

8. Paris


Girls just go gaga when they hear the name of Paris. The ever so fantabulous fashionistas who have been in the city have been a highlight of the city. The city boasts itself of being the most fashionable capital of Europe. Not only it is the wealthiest city in France , it is one of the highest GDP earning places in the world. Talking about its expensive nature, its rent is as high as 2141 pounds per month. Oh my God. And eating out and drinking wine is at the least priority.  It is said that “all that glitters is not gold”, but it is proved wrong by this city as this expensive place is just glittering and oozing gold.

7. Singapore


This island country in South-east Asia is at no. 7 spot on most expensive cities in the world. Owning a car is quite expensive here, even though existence of fat pay packages. Ranks very high in Human development Index, it has been ranked continuously as one of the least corrupt countries in the world.

6. Lausanne, Switzerland


This French speaking part of Switzerland is yet another expensive cities in the world. Expenses are too high that they may burn a hole in anyone’s pocket. A taxi hired for mere 5 miles may cost an alarming 23 pounds (Rs. 1840) !!! thus to all the inhabitants its time to gear up and invest in running shoes. Only 35 % use a private car, rest all use public transport due to rising fuel expenses!!

5. New York


Paradise to all who aspire for blue collar jobs as the packages offered here are just amazing. But what gets overshadowed in this bling is its expensive lifestyle. As per a survey by Times Of India, owning a house in New York is the most expensive and was at no. 1 spot. A couple movie ticket to a theatre may need to shell out around 200 pounds (Rs.16000)!!.  Time to rent out a DVD guys!!! .

4. Zurich


The largest city in Switzerland is yet again the most expensive cities in the world. Switzerland is really quite expensive (refer point 6) . It is the world’s gold trading center. It has the highest quality of life. Here a dozen eggs cost a mounting 5 pounds (Rs.400) and a cold medicine for a week costs 12 pounds (Rs.1000). Thus better to take your vitamins and diet on time!!.

3. Geneva


Yet another Swiss city in the most expensive cities countdown. Geneva, apart from having the privilege of being the headquarters of most UN departments it is one of the most expensive cities in the world too. Now you know where to go for a vacation and where not (pun intended). And non vegetarians a special announcement, stick to vegetarian food in Geneva because half kg chicken costs around Rs. 700!! . So what could be a better time to turn vegetarian?

2. Oslo


Yet again this Norwegian capital has been at the top notch of most expensive cities in the world countdown. This populous city has resident whose purchasing power quite low and has very high agricultural prices. This phenomenon could be closely related to the fact that Norway refused to join the European Union as a protectionist measure. Oslo can have a defense that its residents spends quite a small sum of its income on grocery , nevertheless be precarious as a decent bottle of wine may lead to your shelling of Rs. 1000!! Yikes!!

1. London


As a nursery rhyme the Poem London Bridge Is Falling Down may have inspired many to live in the city of Dreams but guys a reality check!! Cost of living is very high in the city. Transportation costs are around 30 % of your earnings and petrol prices are double than what is there in Los Angeles. City dwellers and builders are facing huge issues due to rising prices of land in the city. So think twice before settling there!!