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10 ways to love yourself

When was the last time you retreated to a small silent place to give your mind a little time to relax? When was the last time you adored your body in front of the mirror, throwing the opinions of your friends about your body in the dustbin? When was the last time you felt as if you were at the top of the world? Perhaps, long back! In these times of quick-paced life and the burgeoning load of our studies and work- life, we are reduced to being just one of the billions of cogs in the wheel of world economy. So much so, that we begin neglecting our bodies, our mind, our soul and everything about us. It is vital for an individual to spend some time with oneself to rejuvenate and be healthy. Hey wait! I don’t intend to say that you need to be a hermit or you need to ignore your close and loved ones! Making love to yourself gifts you with refreshment, jollity and intangible things you must have always longed for! Let’s have a look at 10 easy ways to make love to oneself.

  1. Choose your food well


The fast foods sold on the streets and the colas and sodas may titillate your palette but they are equally deleterious to your health. Avoid such foods which are high in refined sugar. Rather opt for freshly made vegetable and fruit juices. Prefer to snack on seeds, nuts and low sugar fruits. Go online and search for the health benefits of various vegetables and eat them on a regular basis. Always keep a suitable diet plan handy and following it by heart is the key to a healthy lifestyle.


  1. Exercise regularly


By asking you for exercises, we don’t mean to urge you to join gyms. It is not the only way for having an exercise routine. Engaging in regular sports, outdoor brisk-walking, jogging, biking, dancing, playing basketball/volleyball etc. can go a long way to keep you mentally and physically fit. And please don’t restrict yourself to four walls of your home or gym. Please move out. There is nothing more refreshing like the fresh air in morning or the atmosphere of parks in the evening.


  1. Love your body, whatever its size is!


Having a slim body does not guarantee you fitness. Neither does having a heavy one guarantee the onset of ailments. Your body toils a lot in a day, whatever be the type of work you do (except just sleeping, of course). Remember the days when you were a toddler going to school for the first time and your mom loving you as soon as you returned. The warmth of our parents made the entire fatigue of the big day vanish in a matter of seconds. Your body also needs the same type of care and warmth from you after a day’s work. Give your body some tender acknowledgement of the work it has been doing for you the day long. Stand before the mirror and talk to various parts of your body, thanking them for having kept you working hard. Caress yourself, hug thyself and love your soul for some time. This is one of the best and cheapest remedies for fatigue. And take care to adorn your body suitably with decent clothes, nice shoes etc. Believe me; it has a big positive impact.


  1. Surround yourself with those who love you


There will always be people who will criticize you for whatever you do. And then, there will be people who will love for whatever reason they can imagine. Filter out the latter ones from the entire crowd around you and try to be with those who love you unconditionally. This will boost your morale and will make you much happier than being with people who always want to turn you down for no reason at all.


  1. Go for endurance challenges


Involve yourself more into challenging activities and adventure sports like rock climbing, rafting, trekking etc. Such activities will certainly fill you with a lot of confidence and will power. The feeling of joy and personal power you experience on completing the tasks will help you to gather confidence in other tough tasks at your office or in colleges. The lessons of endurance and perseverance learnt here will make you a fantastic personality.


  1. Read a lot!


Reading the right books at the right time has been found to have a big positive impact on an individual’s personality. The books of various kinds give you a lot of life-changing information. You can learn from the experiences of renowned personalities through biographies. Or you can develop perspectives on various global and social issues by reading fiction on them. Such an activity makes you environmentally aware. However, one needs to read with discernment as not all books perpetuate the right information.


  1. Self introspect


Ask questions to yourself about your own being and existence. “Where have I come from?” or something like “Why have I been born at all?” or “What is the source of my power?” Such intriguing questions may sound comical but definitely can go a long way to help you to know yourself better. This is a very good method to eliminate self-doubt. It gifts you with a clear, focused and a brilliant mind, which is further an elixir for healthy living. It is important to note that there are many people in the world who know a lot about the world around them but are ignorant of their own minds.


  1. Meditate and enjoy silence


The practice of meditating is one of the best remedies known to alleviate much of the mental sufferings. It is a good way to know oneself, a good way to connect to the highest entity in the universe and to recharge one’s body with indomitable cosmic energy. And you need not sit like a sage for long hours from day 1 itself. Start with meditation for three minutes, the graduate to 5 minutes, then 15 minutes and bravo! A day will come when you will have total control over your brain. You can even meditate over music. And please note that it has to be a calm soothing music and not the albums of Backstreet boys! Meditation is a medicine to help you to feel balanced and centered to experiencing nirvana.


  1. Travel a lot!


It is generally said that if you have not travelled, you have actually lived like a slave. The world is full of beautiful places teeming with superb architecture and scenic beauty. With travelling, you will also get to know about different cultures, different lands and diversity in foods we eat. This will in turn make you more compassionate towards people of different ethnic backgrounds, and will help you bring about a cultural exchange with people you meet on the way. So pack up your bags, board a bus or train and travel a lot!


  1. Repent and release guilt


There may have been times when you must have done something wrong or may have hurt someone’s sentiments. Restricting yourself into your shell and not repenting will leave you even more depressed and cut-off from the world. It is absolutely fine to repent on the wrongdoings and say sorry to those who may have been negatively affected by your actions. Release of guilt helps you to live free of shackles of shame and reproach. Remember that the word ‘Sorry’ comprises of three essential parts,

  • I am sorry
  • I will not repeat it again
  • I am ready to redress the harm done

These steps will certainly help you to live a blissful life. Wish you a happy life hereafter!