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10 travel inspiration you need for your upcoming vacation – Interesting facts & Top 10 lists

Is a vacation on your mind but can’t decide what places to go? Interested in islands and beaches or it’s the arts that steal your fascination, the list of all these places and the indecisiveness of choosing one can be daunting. For your next perfect gateway, we bring to you a compilation of amazing travel inspiration themes to pick from. Identify your taste and head on. As Jack Kerouac says “Our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go. But no matter, the road is life”, it’s time to make road, a journey of life.

10. Casinos and gambling


If the neon lit casinos and that gambling thrill is what you’re looking for, plan your next vacation in the heart of Las Vegas or ultimate gambling destination, Monte-Carlo, Monaco. These glittering themed casinos, dancing clubs, bars are not only perfect for people on their bachelor parties but for anyone looking for a chilled-out time. The fantastic gaming experience would allow you to meet new people, some interactions even resulting into great friendships.

9. History and culture


Interested to know more about the historical civilization and religious significance of ancient cities, go on a trip to study history and culture. Visit sites like Colosseum and Roman forum in Rome, enjoy the astounding treasures of Egypt on the bank of river Nile or simply get amazed by the majestic trails of Machu Picchu, the world offers so many intriguing paths into its history and people. If you happen to have such a travel inspiration, wait no more, head on for an enlightened vacation.

8. Romantic Vacation


Found time to make your beloved feel all the more special, why not plan a romantic vacation altogether! Take them to the beautiful Paris, strolling along the river Seine or glide through the mysterious passageways in Venice dining in candle lights – make it a delightful mix of cosy and mushy day time and an energetic, fun-filled night life. A couple of places are an ideal setting for a luscious romantic escape, just find one and head on lifetime of a journey, both for you and your partner. Such a travel inspiration of love and romance might even give you the courage to finally propose to your partner.

7. Music inspired vacation


Have a passion for music? Can’t wait to listen to your favourite artists live? Make it your travel inspiration and fly off. Pick up one of your most loved bands and follow them on their world tour. Or simply go to one of those grand music fests like Ultra festival in Miami and Tomorrowland festival in Belgium held each year. Meet friends, dance, sing your heart out and let all the worldly troubles wash away in the tunes of music.

6. Arts and Philosophy museums inspired vacation


Now if exploring art has been your travel inspiration, you can see yourself going to places which are rarely mainstream. Go ancient Athens and visit the schools of philosophy and arts, read about the famous scholars in the museums or visit the Louvre museum in Paris to enjoy the most distinctive pieces of paintings and arts. You will surely see your creative side upfront after this vacation.

5. Shopping and Spa


Need some stellar shopping sites where the intense craving of buying a lot of branded, street stuff gets satisfied? Let’s go on a shopping trip. Enjoy the stocked up places in New York – Madison Avenue, Times Square or go to Milan, Italy to get the premier designer clothing. The choices would be over-whelming, just keep the bucks in your wallet ready and go on your shopping spree. Also, another travel inspiration may come from the need to calm the mind and body down from all the work stress and tensions. Undertake a soothing vacation in Thailand or Turkey and feel rejuvenated.

4. Family fun


Another travel inspiration comes from the fact that we live in such a world where we don’t even have time for our children and family. So, next time, you plan a vacation, make it a family trip. Go to Florida, take roller coaster rides and visit Disney world with your kids or go to London and have a buzz of the big wheel. This is your true bonding time with your dear ones and the moments would always be counted as the best amongst your life experiences.

3. A relaxing beach time


For some people, travelling is all about enjoying long stretches of glowing white sand and ever-flowing blue waters. If this is the case with you, make it your travel inspiration and go on a relaxing beach holiday. Pack up your cool summer dresses, sunglasses and loose slippers, it’s going to be heaven for you if you love swimming or lounging in the sun. Pick up the best beaches in Caribbean or Mexico or go all the way to Bali, Indonesia- it’s all about enjoying the panoramic view around, letting all the worries go, strolling during the sunset and making sand castles. Moreover, the snack bars, beach parties and scuba diving will bring out the adventurous person concealed inside you.

2. Tranquil trails


Tired of the hustle and bustle of metropolitan life? Go on a vacation to experience the perfect solitude, a way to merge with your true inner self. Himalayas, some lone islands in the pacific or some valley in the mountains! Pair it with some sporting stint – Skiing, bungee jumping, surfing etc. and it enlivens the spirits. If such a travel inspiration comes to you, don’t delay any further. Pack your bags and go on a holiday to enjoy the blissful solitude.

1. Adventure


Feeling adventurous? This travel inspiration should definitely be turned into an adventure themed vacation. Be it exploring the astonishingly alive forests of the Vietnam, a trip among the flora and fauna of Brazil or travelling in the Saharan dune fields near Morocco – adventure never stops. Just pack on important stuff, wear your sneakers and get ready for a great vacation into the lands of the unknown. By the end of your vacation, you won’t be feeling any less fiery than our adventure hero, Indiana Jones, we promise.