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10 Super slow motion gifs of events around our daily life – Interesting facts & Top 10 lists

Human eyes in conjunction with the brain have the ability to differentiate not more than 16 images per second. Hence, our eyes are unable to appreciate the jaw dropping fast transformation that happens daily around our life. So here are 10 super slow motion gifs of events around our daily life

1.  Golf ball bouncing off a surface


When seen in super slow motion as soon as the ball hits the floor it flattens up basis the momentum it carries and finally recollects to bounce back

2.  Water droplet bouncing of water


We all have read surface tension and how it works. Here’s this amazing super slow motion gif which actually shows what surface tension does to a droplet of water. As visible in the gif the water droplet bounces back of the water surface due to surface tension and with every bounce the size of the droplet decreases.


3.  Pricking a Water Balloon


Water balloon is pricked and for a split of a second the shape of the water remains the same as that of the balloon and finally it breaks down.


4.  Dog drinking water


On the first face it looks as if it just licks the water but when looked in slow motion the dog bends his tongue to give it a spoon shape to lift up the water to its mouth.


5.  Lighting up a lighter


The moment the button of the lighter is rolled down friction sets in to burst out spark of lights followed by a release of gas fumes which then burst into flames. What we see is just a sudden presence of flame.

6.  The power of a punch


Ever thought what happens when two powerful boxers blow strong punches on each other? Well just take a look yourself and feel it in this super slow motion gif


7.  Sneezing


The person beside you just sneezed without covering his mouth! Be prepared to carry the virus home as he has for sure loaded you with good amount of bacteria.


8.  Why cats don’t get hurt


Cats don’t get hurt when dropped of a height because of their flexibility to control their body to ensure they land on the feet. Secondly it stretches out its body to increase air drag therefore reducing its velocity.

9.  Keys in action


This is what happens inside our door locks every day. The small miniature sized levers shapes up basis the contour of the key to give way to the door lock.


10.  Matchstick lights up


With naked eye it looks like a ball of fire which flares up instantly when rubbed off against a rough surface. Close look with help of high speed camera reveals that it sequentially burns out the flammable power on the match stick.


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