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10 strangest phobias in the world you should know

10 strangest phobias in the world you should know


Phobia refers to fear of something. Imagine not able to climb up heights, not able to swim, the sight of cockroach or spiders scares the guts out of you and one of the strangest phobias is also the fear of books!!. Here at listcult we present a list of most eerie and peculiar phobias one can have.. check it out!!

10. Telephonophobia – fear of answering phone calls



Agreed some people are not good at making conversations and may just have a drumstick face when someone asks them something. But this is too much some people are too scared that they are so afraid to make a telephone call and develop a phobia. They are too scared or awkward that they do not pick up the call or put the phone on an answering machine.

9. Nomophobia – Fear of Not Having Mobile Phone Access



People are nowadays so addicted to their smart phones. The phobia is so strange that people need psychiatric treatment for this!! Addiction to phones and fear of landing in a no man’s land is too uncanny. This phobia involves mobile phone and the fear of losing it. It also involves not having enough battery charge or not having any network coverage or running out of credits. People just feel that they are naked without their mobile phones.

8. Heliophobia – Fear of Sunlight


The vampire culture is surely getting over the top. People have become night owls as they fear that getting in light can cause skin cancer. But this is just a misconception in the minds of people. They stay at home and spend abnormal time in basement and cellars.but this is no fairy tale and no “Edward Cullen aka Robert Pattinson” is gonna enter your lives if one stays in the dark. The Punk culture is also expected to have been derived from this phobia. Heliophobia was considered a “telltale sign” of vampires in many cultures.

7. Anthophobia – Fear of Flowers



An adage says , “you can never go wrong with flowers” but this is no science as there is an exception to people who are scared of flowers!! All of us know that flowers do not pose a threat but people get anxious at there sight. All the male readers maybe just hoping that their girlfriends develop this one which may help them save quite a moolah.

6. Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia – Fear of the Number 666


Most of us do not know about this peculiar phobia but this phobia does exist. Apart from unlucky no. 7 , the no. 666 is associated with the devil. The roots of this no. goes to the bible where the no. was associated to the beast and anti- Christ. Films like ‘The Omen (2006 film)’ and ‘Ek thi Dayan’ have been major propagators of the scary number.

5. Phobophobia – fear of having a phobia



Well lets face it, we are afraid of many things in life like cockroaches, lizards , heights but this one gets really very ridiculous. Fear of having a fear makes utterly no sense but many people inhibit such phobia. More than a phobia it is a psychological disorder and there are no stimuli to set off such fear. it goes this way that person does not want to get scared and in such process he tries to save himself but in turn gets worked up and gets more scared!! What!! One may get hyper tensed explaining this phobia !! trust me !!

4. Genophobia – Fear of Sexual Relations



It is quite eerie to imagine people not wanting a sexual relation. It is at the top most priority of humans as per psychologists. there are people who are actually very afraid of being intimated to anyone and having sexual relations. This fear is not a laughing matter because genophobia can be traced to a trauma that was inflicted upon the victim in the past and which has made him negative towards the opposite sex.

3. Ablutophobia – Fear of Bathing



This is different from hydrophobia, fear of water. This one totally shocked all the cleanliness freaks and they may even break all ties with those who inhibit such fear. This fear may trace back to some past events and sufferers experience certain level of breathlessness, dizziness, , palpitations, shaking, excessive sweating, nausea and dry mouth whenever the subject of bathing comes up.

2. Chorophobia – Fear of Dancing



Just like nomophobia or phobophobia this fear is also very common. Well certain people love to flaunt their moves but certain are so scared that they just run away from the venue if dance parties come up. Forget college prom or brother’s wedding such events are strict no-no. People also feel nauseous when the word dancing arises.

1. Spectrophobia – Fear of Mirrors or One’s Own Reflection


“Mirror , mirror on the wall , who is the fairest of them all”. Girls will definitely faint about reading about such a phobia. Fear of looking in the mirror !! like seriously!! It involves being afraid of all shiny and reflecting surfaces like water puddle, mirror, car glass and others. This phobia involves not able to accept imperfections in the body or face like moles or birthmarks. The movie “mirrors” will definitely be remembered after reading about this phobia.