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10 ridiculous science myths that exist even today – Listcult

Whenever we have to substantiate our words we often say, “that’s what science say” , but what if I tell you that even science has been bluffed by some myths which became so concrete that even if they were busted , still continue to remain as facts in the minds of people . In simple words, science has been proven wrong (by another science, of course) but people continue to believe the previous myths and even curriculum of many countries schools have not been updated!!. So people get updated with your myths/ beliefs and checkout the 10 ridiculous science myths that exist even today.

10. Humans have only five senses


We can see others point of view, hear what others say or feel others pain. Also we can smell bad and taste quite funny, which we definitely don’t intend to experiment. This has not only been told you by science but also by various spiritual books, serials and lore goes on. But if you say this to us we are gonna punch you straight in your face and thanks to nociception that you will sense the pain.

Fact: Although the number of senses is still in debate but as per science, our brain does many other things which you may not be even realizing. Skipping all the boring ones we tell you about proprioception which helps you pass the test of close your eyes and touch your nose. So if you rubbed your eyes accidently or smacked your head , you actually had a proprioception fail. Some other senses may be hunger , thirst or itch which is annoying many a times but maybe a stock of laughter for others!!.

9. Bats are blind


Nooooooo!!!! They are not blind. Science textbooks often have paved this horrendous misconception which has paved way for an English idiom, ‘blind as a bat’ but actually they are not. They do have the sight senses in them. But if they don’t use it , it doesn’t mean they are blind.

Fact: They have the sense of sight but still use echolocation to navigate. Science it is!!. Yet another ridiculous science myth that exists even today busted.

8. Hair and nails grow even after death


What, seriously people believe this, how can something continue to live when the life has just gone. People continued to believe this using a science experiment of observing the length of nails which grew on a corpse. And they actually grew!!

Fact: Boom , the nails did not grew but the corpse shrunk , that is why the nails appeared to grow and not because of the immortality of nails and hair!! Yet another ridiculous science myth busted.

7. Blue blood


No we are not talking about some ghost blood or some vampire or supernatural thing. We are talking about a science myth that blood devoid of oxygen is blue in color. People continue to think that blood becomes blue when deoxidized.

Fact: blood will remain red no matter what, so please!! Yes as per science, it turns deep red in color when it is devoid of oxygen. It appears blue in color since veins are under the skin.

6. Goldfish have 3 second memory.


Now who said that and has tagged it that as per science . no our favourite pet is not a stupid being !! please!! it remembers you , your love and affection.

Fact: Goldfish remember things for more than a month.

5. HIV from monkeys.


As per folklore , humans encountered this deadly virus and disease from apes and monkeys . humans had sex with them and thus this virus spread in their bodies.

Fact: humans did get this virus from monkeys but they used to hunt and eat monkeys and thus due to blood to blood contact they got this disease .

4. We use only 10% of our brains.


It is really absurd how this myth became so popular and almost all know and believe it. This has been greatly propagated by paranormal enthusiasts. They even say if we use the rest 90% of the brain we can unleash many extraordinary abilities .

Fact : we use the entire brain and for different purposes. For some purposes cerebrum may not use some portions of brain, but it is absurd to say that any part is redundant.

3. The Great Wall of China is the only manmade structure visible from space


How ridiculous is this science myth. How can anything be witnessed from the space . not being a blamer but I think this has been spread by the Chinese themselves.

Fact: only lights are visible from space !!

2. Cats and dogs can only see in black and white


Ahem Ahem!! Even I was a staunch believer that our beloved pets , and most adored animals as per the previous post, cats and dogs are color blind. Well to break all myths is the main task so let us continue that all of you are wrong…

Fact : dogs and cats though lack in the power of sight as compared to people but they do see colors. They are not color blind and experience a vast range and multitude of colors.

1. Milk is good for bones


There wasn’t any tussle for this top position of myth as this notch could not have gone to any other myth. For childhood we have been told that drink milk for strong bones. And to all those children who are forcibly made to drink it , we have something for you. Sadly all this was a bluff which even parents are unaware. Milk contains calcium which is good for bones(duh) . This is not what is necessary for strong bones . What people think is by drinking milk they will have bones as strong as Wolverine. Sorry , but you are wrong ! ! !

Fact : for strong bones we need heredity, hormone levels, protein intake, exercise , smoking and intake of vitamins D and K matters more than drinking milk. Apparently research shows that there is no link between bone health and milk consumption. Moreover, a Cornell researcher has found that most of the countries that consume the most cow’s milk actually have the worst bone health in the world overall.