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Most powerful people: These 10 people hold the key to world order – Top 10 Lists & facts

“With great power comes great responsibility”- a quote from Spiderman series. Well it’s true because you got the supremacy to lead a billion people. Wondering if I am a Spiderman fan, the answer is yes but here I have been bowled over by the following people who are allegedly the most powerful people.

Courtesy Forbes and various other sites which have had added to the inputs get your cerebellum ready for some mind blasting achievements which are awaiting your way.

10. Michael duke

This American businessman who had a nearly perfect career until he was abruptly replaced. He joined Walmat in 1995 and became its CEO in 2009. The largest retailer and world’s largest private employer offered him salary of about $18.2 billion, yikes!! Well he certainly is influential because the giant had him on board and did certainly well.

9. Mario Draghi

The man with the money in his control, yes this Roman resident is the President of European Cental Bank. He was previously the Governor of Bank of Italy. The chief financer of one of largest currency , he faces the prodigious task of trying to maintain financial unity across 17 countries. And he has been successful because even after been stumped by the Eurozone crisis , the currency is still head strong . the man who navigated the minefield of Italian politics so deftly that he earned himself a nickname: “Super Mario.”

8. Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al Saud

This aging monarch of Saudi Arabia has featured in this list because he has the key to two of world’s holiest sites and also second largest crude reserves. And we all know who owns the oil is really the ruler. More importantly he also pushed about $130 billion in unemployment funds and housing schemes for helping the unemployed youth of his monarchy. Impressive!!

7. Narendra Modi

This lad of the soil has been specially selected not considering his net assets or something but his political influence and his craze amongst the youth. This stubborn man who during his school days refused to get his notebook checked from anyone else than his teacher because he felt none could correct him than his teachers, grew up to become the most sought after political leader. His craze could be seen when he came at Shri Ram college Of Commerce in Delhi, where the youth were enthralled with his presence and motivational speech. And his work can be seen with the Gujarat development. So go NaMo!!

6. Bill Gates

Man with a vision and Midas Touch has a net worth has $76 billion. Microsoft founder and owner (article also written with the help of the same software) was a drop out. Surprising and yet he has been in the billionaire list in 15 out of 20 years. He and Warren Buffett have  convinced over 100 of the super rich to sign on to the Giving Pledge, a promise to donate at least half one’s net worth to charity.

5. Angela Merkel

This German chancellor a symbol of women empowerment is one of the most powerful member of European Union. She also carries the fate of Euro on her shoulders. She is also a leader of Christian Democratic Union since 2000.  She resisted all the pressures regarding flooding the markets with even more money, but she insisted bitter prescription: assistance, in return for reforms.

4. Pope Francis

He is the 266th and current Pope of catholic church and Bishop of Rome and Vatican city( featured earlier as the place where divorce is illegal).the reason of featuring in this list is his free mentality and the furor he created while he affirmed Catholic doctrine on abortion, contraception, and homosexuality.  Maintaining the church’s teaching against homosexual acts, he also said that gay people should not be marginalized .Noted for humility and concern for poor the principle of simple living and high thinking is quite apt for him as he choose to reside in the Domus Sanctae Marthae guesthouse rather than the papal apartments of the Apostolic Palace  used by his predecessors.  He is also known for favoring simpler vestments void of ornamentation. he refused the traditional papal mozzetta cape upon his election, his choosing silver instead of gold for his piscatorial  ring, and keeping the same pectoral cross he had when he was cardinal. Pope Francis reiterates that “It is absurd to say you follow Jesus Christ, but reject the Church.”

3. Xi Jinping

The General Secretary of Communist Party china , this man rules over 1.3 billion people ( 20% of world’s people) that is so much power dude.  China owns around $1.3 trillion in U.S. securities, thus  making it the largest shareholder in the  U.S. debt instruments. There are around 122 billionaires in the country. In addition to his title ,Xi is also the  President of the People’s Republic of China and the proud chairman of the Central Military Commission.

2. Barak Obama

Hail the king everyone. The proud president of world’s superpower nation, he is rightly called one of the best orator in the world. His magnetic personality, calm and collected attitude has made him one of the most sought after leaders. Be it ending the Iraq war , Afghanistan war ,eliminating Osama bin laden, wall street reform, Eliminated Catch-22 in Pay Equality Laws and many more reforms this man deserves a huge round of applause. Though suffering from bad luck due to 16 day shutdown or NSA surveillance he lost his no. 1 spot , but he still is the in charge of most innovative economy and the deadliest military.

1. Vladimir Putin

The Russian President bags the numero uno spot in the most powerful people list. And the people who have witnessed the blood soaked chess match between Syria and Russia , are just bowing to his political sense.  The ex-KGB strongman–who controls a nuclear-tipped army,  has a permanent seat on the UN Security Council and  has some of the world’s largest oil and gas reserves. He has also been allowed to serve another six-year term. Hence this would keep him in office until 2024.