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10 most peaceful countries in the world

How many times have you wondered to escape into lands free of turbulence and immersed of tranquility? Many a times! Right? Especially if you are working in an MNC, laboring all day long and everyday yearning for a vacation! Well, if that is the case, you certainly need to undertake a journey to one of the most peaceful lands on the earth. And don’t worry if you are unaware of those places. Here we will take you on an expedition of these nations.

10. Japan

The country you adore so much for its superb robots and world-class automobile companies is also one of the most peaceful counties in the world. Wondering what makes it so? Well, the third largest economy in the world has really been quite peaceful since the World War II. How many times have you heard of an internal conflict in Japan? Moreover, incidence of crime is also at the rock bottom in this country. Since religion does not play a significant role in people’s lives here, hence there is no scope of communal riots as well. Japan is friends with most of its neighbors; yeah definitely not on Facebook! Visit this country for its breathtakingly beautiful landscapes and its rich tradition and culture.

9. Switzerland

You must not have been left surprised by this name! Switzerland, the so-called ‘paradise on the earth’ is certainly a nation immersed in tranquility. What else can you expect from a nation that maintains a well-functioning government and an open political culture? Crime rates are at the nadir and this country has secured the lowest score for political instability. Though it maintains a strong diplomatic relationship with its neighbors, Switzerland has hardly ever been dragged into international conflicts and global political issues, and hence stands on 9th position in the list of most peaceful countries in the world.

8. Czech Republic

A nascent country born out of the Velvet Revolution and independence from Slovakia, this country has focused a lot of building a strong capitalist economy and creating a stable climate for investment. The country not only has magnificent cities like the Prague or the spectacular pieces of natural beauty, but also has a very happy population. Such is the case that in 2009, the Human development Index ranked the nation as a country of ‘Very High Human Development’. This country should be one of the places you visit before you die.

7. Belgium

The small nation of Belgium nestled in the heart of Europe is the home to European Union and NATO. The medieval cities, splendid town halls, majestic castles, eye-catching architecture and spellbinding natural beauty can leave anyone mesmerized. Moreover, homicide and imprisonment rate have been reported to be quite low as well. The Global Peace Index said Belgium to be one of the best and most peaceful countries to live in Europe.

6. Iceland

Before we look at this country, let me ask you how many times have you seen the name of this pace in international headlines? Even if you have ever seen it in the headlines, then how many times for issues like political conflicts? Well, I guess never! Iceland tries to stay out of major conflicts in the world, making it one of the most serene and peaceful country on the earth. Its huge glaciers and raging volcanoes attract tourists from all corners of the world. Its capital Reykjavik is famous for its grandeur and the cultural attractions of the nation are mesmerizing.

5. Sweden

There is much more to Sweden than its weapons export business. The extremely low level of robberies, along with other factors has helped Sweden to be ranked as one of the most peaceful countries in the world by Global Peace Index. Try to recall any instance where this country has engaged in a war in the last two centuries and you will certainly fail. Besides its thriving economy, Sweden is replete with scenic beauty.

4. Slovenia

The country has so far earned its lowest marks in funding for the United Nations peacekeeping missions, number of police and security officers, level of perceived criminality in society, number of organized internal conflicts, violent protests, and number of internal and external wars fought. Travel enthusiasts can consider it as their heaven. The cities like Maribor and Ljubljana teem with unique culture and give a wonderful experience to travelers making it one of the peaceful countries in the world.

3. Singapore

Given its small size and its activity in the international community, Singapore has never taken its security to be granted. It is a land of many prosperous companies and it is also a hub for various global, unilateral and multilateral organizations to promote international cooperation, including WTO (World Trade Organization). The crime rate and homicide rate are one of the lowest in the world.

2. Norway

Remember, Anders Behring Breivik, the infamous mass murderer? He was a Norwegian. Then how can we expect Norway to be a peaceful country? Well, wait a second! That was a just an exceptional case for the nation that has been constantly ranked as one of the most happy and peaceful countries in the world. Norway also has the highest level of human development in the globe, plus, the government of Oslo always strives to peace at the forefront of the priorities of the country.

1. Denmark

The Global Peace Index has been issued by the IEP (Institute for Economics and Peace) has placed Denmark as the most peaceful nation on the globe. Try to approach a Danish man and you will certainly find the person amiable, open and helpful. However, if you talk to them about armed conflicts, you may not get much attention. Danish people prefer discussions on economic matters, something that can make their nation more prosperous. Besides all this, the mesmerizing landscapes, splendid architecture and the culture will leave you so spellbound that you will never wish to leave the country.