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10 must have music festival hacks you ought to know I Top 10 Lists & facts

Love attending music concerts and festivals? We are sure it’s one of the greatest fun in the world but like everything, even this comes combined with some painful experience. Long queues, throat pain, dehydration, trashy phone signals and getting lost in the crowd away from your friends or family, all these mishaps reflect the need for some change and thus betterment of your entire musical experience.

Here’s our list of top 10 music festival hacks:

10. Shower wipes and dry shampoo

Let’s start our list with this absolute necessary hack if you are travelling to a music festival camp for 2-3 days in continuation. There are pretty good chances that you end up stinking, even feeling disgusted about yourself.  Real shower won’t be possible at this moment but the music festival hacks coming to your rescue are shower wipes and dry shampoo. Simple and convenient way to feel fresh all over again! Now not only you’d feel clean, but it’s a smart way to attract people too. Nobody likes the dirty skunk.

9. Money belt

Next in line of our music festival hacks is the money belt. When you’re all indulging in letting yourself go; dancing freely at the beats; enjoying yourself to the fullest, there might be chances that this ends up in a bad trip- losing the money, wallet, cards and other important personal material. Music festivals are visited by a lot of junkies too and who knows somebody might pick your pocket. The best solution, bring a money belt with you, same way the tourists do. Pack all your money and stuff into it and tuck it in front of your pants. Perfect solution right?!

8. Extra set of clothes

Now, with this music festival hack, we do not mean that you carry the whole wardrobe with you and end up taking care of your clothes instead of enjoying. Just keep the bare minimum set of clothing for a quick change while on a camping music festival. This is of great help in case of rain, mud and other unforeseeable incidents. If you think that’s not possible, at least keep an extra pair of socks and under garments. A light jacket should also be kept, in case the temperature suddenly drops off. You’d thank us for this advice if something goes wrong with your music camping trip.

7. LED light keychains or a small torch

Often music festivals are kept dimly lit or at times, the lights are shut off completely to let people experience the music and enjoy it with no worries on mind. But what if you need some quick cash from the money belt or you went to relieve yourself but can’t see anything and the phone is down too? Coming as your rescue is the next music festival hack, LED light keychains or some small torch. Surround yourself with some light and find the right way. Smart!

6. Shoulder bag

Ideal for the music festivals are shoulder hacks. These cross-body hacks can help you keep all your important stuff like extra set of clothing, phones, charger and other materials safe. It should be kept in mind that backpacks and fanny packs are really east targets for pickpockets, for in such a huge crowd and close spaces, you would not even know when someone grabs your wallet from the bag behind. It would be better if the bag is water-proof. All your belongings, not to say the beloved iPhone would remain safe in case of rains.Just hang this music festival hack across the shoulders and keep an eye once in a while.

5. Portable phone charger

Camping out? We all know how much battery these smartphones and their apps consume. It’s very likely that you’d end up with the whole battery drained out. A phone is really important to carry at the music festivals to keep in contact with the friends and to know about the timeline of different gigs and such information. How do we solve this problem then? Luckily, we have double-AA batteries which can be of great help at these moments. If possible, bring a portable charger powered by the same technology.

4. First aid kit

In a crowd of thousands of people, you never know when you end up tripping, cutting yourself or bleeding. The best solution is to keep some handy band-aids and gauzes along so that such surprises can be easily tackled with no risk of infection. Moreover, grab some pain-killers and crocins if something gross happens or you fall sick in the middle of the festival. This is one of those music festival hacks that will save you a great deal. Don’t forget.

3. Ear plugs for the ears

Another important music festival hack is the ear-plugs. We understand how much you love the banging sound all around the stage arena but everybody at one of time gets tired and need a break from all the blaring sounds. Take some handy ear-plugs or headphones with you just in case. It’s better to use them for the bands you’re not much interested into or when it gets too monotonous. Save all your energy and your perfect hearing capability for your favourite music gigs.

2. Quick access to cabs and some map application

This is one of the most important music festival hacks since it is important to keep in mind that safety comes foremost. Almost every music gigs end up late at night and often is organized at places which are at the outskirts of the main city. The last thing you’d want is getting lost in a new place, drunk and no one to drop you home. Learn about private car services and order a cab in advance, informing them about the approximate time when you will get free. Also, make sure you have some maps with you, as a phone app or something, to guide yourself that you’re going in the right direction.

1. Water bottles for dehydration and cough syrup for the throat

One of the most important music festival hacks, it’s always recommended to keep some extra water bottles. After all that throat banging and slam-dancing, water is one that will come to your rescue. It helps your save some quick bucks too as all the drinks are usually offered at a much higher price at the festivals. Moreover, all the alcohol and the drugs consumed at these fests can result into dehydration that can put you off bad. Throw off the side-effects, keep a bottle handy and take few sips once in a while. Now, we all know how all screaming and growling can hurt your throat. Instead of waking up the next day with a terrible throat ache, keep some light cough drops to coat your throat and get instant relief.