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10 most popular cigarette brands in the world

P.S – Cigarette smoking is injuring to health.

This post goes out to all the smokers’ community. We completely empathize with you as you have been blasted out by all sorts of negative communication around the ill effects of smoking. So here is one special post on the 10 most popular cigarette brands in the world. Hope this would sooth your eyes and comfort your heart. Do let us know which one you liked!

The word “Cigarette” originates from France meaning small cigar and came became popular in 20th century. The world caught on not only with this word but also the product at the speed of light and various brands emerged across the planet. Here we list down the 10 most popular cigarette brands in the world.

10. Hilton

The cost effective brand of British Tobacco Corporation, Hilton comes in two variants Hilton Gold and Hilton Platinum. It faces tough competition with Red & White brand of Phillip Morris.

9. New Port

New Port is a prime brand in Menthol cigarettes and was launched by Lorillard Tobacco Company in Carolina in the year 1957. It is one of the front runners in menthol cigarette market. It is also one of the most expensive brands in America.

8. Red & White

Phillip Morris has catered the needs of every section of society. For lower middle class it has its prime brand named Red & White. It is very economic but still very effective. Its major market exists in Europe and Asia.

7. DunHill

It is one of the most premium cigarette brands in the world although it is not cost effective. But still it remains heartthrob of the elite and premium class smokers. It is manufactured by British American Tobacco Company. It still remains the one of the first choices in Australia, New Zealand, Asia , Korea and South Africa.

6. Pall Mall

Although Pall Mall was launched in 1899 by Butter & Butter Company but its popularity faded with passing decades. It once again regained its cynosure trend when it was acquired by R.J Reynolds Tobacco Company in 2004. It is named after the well known street in London “PALL MALL”.  It is available in Red, Blue, Orange and Green in Hard Pack Styles and Red and Gold in Soft Pack Styles

5. Parliament

It was another major brand of Phillip Morris International and came into inception in 1931. It was always well known for its best quality of filter. Their slogan ”Only the flavor touches your lips” concluded it all. It became most popular in Latin America, Middle East and Asia.

4. Camel

It was one of the earliest brands introduced by R.J Reynolds Tobacco Inc in 1913 much before its Winston brand. It touted the world with its Turkish and Virginia tobacco. Their well known slogan “Camels are coming” added their marketing instinct and it became the tough competitor of Marlboro in Japan, USA, Asia and Europe.

3. Liggett & Myers ( L&M)

Founded by the company “Liggett & Myers” in 1953, it is currently owned by “Altria Group Inc” and previously it was under the flagship of Phillip Morris. It set the benchmarks in quality of filter in cigarette and possibly the earliest brand to use a filter. It receives high ratings among the smokers of Latin America and North America.

2. Winston

“Winston tastes good like a cigarette should….” The slogan shot Winston to the carnival of fame. Winston was launched in the year of 1954 and just after its arrival in United States market, it became the first choice of every smoker. Winston belonged to R.J Reynolds Tobacco Company. From 1966 to 1972 it remained the most popular brand in America

1. Marlboro

No guesses! as this brand tops our chart of “10 most popular cigarette brands in the world”. Marlboro broke all the records and became the best selling cigarette brand in Asia, Africa, America and Europe. It was introduced in 1924 and became the ace product of Philip Morris International. The sole reason for its unprecedented growth is its fine quality of tobacco. It comes in three variants- Marlboro Red, Marlboro Silver and Marlboro Gold. Somebody has stated “Marlboro is not a brand of cigarette, it is a lifestyle…”

Do comment on your favourite one in the comment section. We are hearing !