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10 Most Expensive Universities in the World

You might have read our posts on most expensive cars, most expensive private aircrafts, most expensive wedding, and most expensive divorce etc. Hence we thought to take this “most expensive” badge to a different dimension; Education. While basic education is provided by the state free of cost, however higher education in most cases demands huge tuition fees. Here we compile the 10 most expensive Universities in the world.

10. University of Chicago

Tuition and Fees- $57,711
At number 10 of the most expensive universities of the world is a private research university in Chicago in Illinois. It was founded by “The American Baptist Education Society” in 1890, which had a school with the same name but due to financial difficulties it was shut down. Its first batch enrolled in the year of 1892. It got its land from Marshall Field and receives funds from John Rockefeller. Its Physics Department has the credit for the first man-made, self-sustaining nuclear reaction. Its alumni include more than 87 Nobel awardees, out of which 8 are serving faculties.


9.  Johns Hopkins University

Tuition and Fees- $57,820
It is a private, non-profit, research university located in Baltimore. It was founded in 1876, three years after the demise of illustrious entrepreneur John Hopkins. He left $ 7 million for establishment of this school. The university spends whatever it earns in research fields of science, medicine and engineering. Its natural science department has remained its USP since its inception.


8.  Parsons The New School for Design

Tuition and Fees- $57,910
It was initially called as “Chase School” after its founder and well known artist, William Merritt Chase in 1896. It has shared many names since its beginning. Few of them were- New York School of Art, New York School of Fine & Applied Arts and Parsons School of Design. This school is privately run and specifically consists of art and design courses.

7.  Dartmouth College

Tuition and Fees- $57,996
It is also a private research university situated in New Hampshire and was founded by Eleazar Wheelock in 1769. It was one of the nine Colonial Colleges established before the American Revolution. It belongs to the Ivy League and has produced three Nobel Prize awardees.


6.  Claremont McKenna College

Tuition and Fees- $58,065
McKenna College is a privately owned liberal arts college located in Claremont in California. It was earlier established as Claremont Men’s College in 1946. But in 1971, it started accepting women as well. In 1981, the college added the name of its founding trustee, Donald McKenna. It has got most stringent admission process with one of the lowest acceptance rates in the entire country. Commanding a fees of $58,085 this college easily runs into our list of most expensive Universities


5.  Wesleyan University

Tuition and Fees- $58,502
It was founded by the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1831 in memory of John Wesley, the founder of Methodism. It is privately run Liberal Arts College located in Middletown in Connecticut. It offers undergraduate courses in the arts and sciences and it has got the highest successful rate when it comes to number of undergraduates who goes on to earn doctorate degrees.


4.  Columbia University

Tuition and Fees -$58,742
Its complete name is Columbia University in the City of New York but it is better known as Columbia University. It was also one of the nine original Colonial Colleges, It was established after the Royal Charter, as King’s College in 1754. It has produced 98 Nobel Prize winners and also an administrator for Pulitzer Prize. It was the first college to grant medical degrees in US and has given 29 heads of the state.

3.  Harvey Mudd College

Tuition and Fees -$58,913

At 3rd spot in the most expensive Universities is the privately owned arts college and was founded in 1955 through funds provided by the relatives of Harvey Mudd. It is situated in Claremont in California and is part of the prestigious Claremont Colleges. Its students are considered to be one of the highest-paid graduates of any college in the country.

2.  New York University

Tuition and Fees- $59,337
It is non-sectarian research university located in Greenwich Village in the Lower Manhattan of New York. Initially founded as the University of the City of New York in 1831 and was officially renamed as New York University in 1896.It has marked its presence on web also and is one of the most searched schools online.Its products have won 36 Nobel Prizes, 16 Pulitzer Prizes and 10 recipients of the National Medal of Science. With so much claim to fame it commands a premium, hence it comes at second spot in our most expensive Universities list.

1.  Sarah Lawrence College

Tuition and Fees- $61,236

An the winner in this most expensive Universities is Liberal Arts College located in Westchester County in Yonkers in New York. It was founded in 1926 by William van Duzer Lawrence and named it after his wife, Sarah. It is marked by its low student-to-faculty ratio. It follows the innovative style of teaching done in Oxford/Cambridge system of one-on-one student-faculty tutorials. Its students had set the benchmarks in the field of political involvement.