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10 most expensive divorces of all times

Recently we did a post on 11 expensive weddings of all time however not all of them worked out well and few of the couples had to part ways. But today divorce is not always a smooth an easy affair especially when couples have pre-nuptial agreement clauses or involve a lawyer for settlements. But do you think one need to pen down such silly things? Perhaps not; but if the cost of settlement is in millions and people involved are worth billions, you surely can’t miss it.

Here is the list of 10 most expensive divorces excluding the amount paid in alimony and additional expenses.

10.  Casey Coates & Ted Danson

$ 30 million


NBC’s most celebrated sitcom “Cheers” raised Ted to the heights of fame with his character Sam Malone. While he switched on to other movies and TV serials, he’ll still be remembered as the famous bartender. While undergoing Erhard Seminars training Ted met his first love Casey in 1976 who was a designer by a profession.

She suffered a paralysis attack during the birth of her first child in 1979. He even took off from his work for 6 months so that he could serve her. But after 15 years of marriage, Danson fell in love again with Whoopi Goldberg while filming comedy “Made In America” and took divorce in 1992. Danson had to pay $ 30 million

9.  Diandra & Michael Douglas

$ 45 million


Michael Douglas, an actor & producer, academy award winning performer has ruled the box office for nearly 20 years. People allege that Michael was a sex addict. He married Diandra in 1977 while he was still on the way to achieve heights of success.

Fed up with her husband’s philandering act, the documentary producer filed for a divorce in 1997 and two years later, they got the settlement for $ 45 million (one-third of his net worth). Later Michael went on to marry Catherine Zeta Jones.

8.  Linda Hamilton & James Cameron

> $ 50 million


The visionary filmmaker who gave Hollywood two of the biggest hits in its history, James Cameron could not escape from this blot. Director of True Lies, Titanic and two movies of Terminator series in which Linda also starred.   Their love blossomed on the sets of T2 in 1991 but they eventually got married in 1997.

But then things changed, Cameron started spending time with one of his stars Suzy Amis while shooting for Titanic. After 17 months of marriage Hamilton asked for divorce when she had 8 months of daughter and in return she asked more than half of the revenue from Titanic which amounts to more than $50 million.

7.  Marianne & Kenny Rogers

$ 60 million


Kenny Rogers, famous pop singer has sung the famous lines “You gotta know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em, know when to walk away, know when to run!”. He has been into every profession from singer to photography to top restaurateur operating chain of hotels with name Kenny Rogers Roasters and his total worth is expected $ 250 million.

He married Marianne Gordon, a small screen actress of Hee Haw in 1977. He filed a divorce petition due to strain in their relations in 1997 and he willingly gave $ 60 million stating that she deserves every penny.

6.  Cindy Silva & Kevin Costner

$ 80 million


Kevin Costner, one of the familiar names associated with Hollywood flicks like JFK, dances with wolves, Field of Dreams and The Untouchables. He married Cindy Silva  in 1978 where he met her in California State University at Fullerton.

In early 90s media started reporting the Kevin’s infidelities but Cindy was determined that she would hold her marriage. However after 16 years of marriage the couple disintegrated and settled their divorce outside court secretly in which Kevin paid nearly $ 80 million.

5.  Amy Irving & Steven Spielberg

$ 100 million


In 1970s when Spielberg became the cynosure after his megahit Jaws and was in flow to give blockbusters to the Hollywood and Amy was a struggling actress who shot to fame after her movie Carrie

They tied the nuptial knot in 1985 but soon their relationship started suffering as they were losing passion in their love. In 1989 they departed in a harmonious way and our very own gentleman gave $ 100 million to the mother of his son Max thus making this separation rank 5th amongst the most expensive divorces till date.

4.  Marcia Murphey & Neil Diamond

$ 150 million


Neil Diamond who was known for his own brand of easy listening classics and tasted the success in 60’s . He ruled the world with more than 100 million records worldwide and career spanning to more than 4 decades. Diamond married to TV Producer Marcia Murphey who became his second wife.

But diamond went into cigarettes in 1969 and never came back. Following the extramarital affairs of diamond in 1964 she had a split citing “irreconcilable differences”. The dispute was settled for $ 150 million.

3.  Wendy & Craig McCaw

> $460 million


The separation of Wendy & Craig McCaw ranks 3rd in the most expensive divorces of all times. Craig McCaw turned his father’s drowning business of television cable service into a profitable one single handedly and eventually sold in $ 755 million. In 1981 he acquired the cellular licenses and eventually sold it to AT & T for $ 12 billion.

McCaw met Wendy in Stanford when she tutored him and in 1974 they got married. In 1995 the proceedings for divorce started and Wendy went away with $ 460 million.

2.  Soraya & Adnan Khashoggi

$ 874 million


Adnan was one of the biggest arms dealers in Saudi Arabia who used to supply arms to Royal Family. Thereafter he launched a company, Triad based in Switzerland and owning banks, hotels and real estate all over the world.

In 1961 he married Soraya and in 1986 his fortune was estimated to $ 4 billion but it dropped gradually because of dwindling oil prices. Both of them had extra marital affairs and eventually took divorce in 1984 and went for out of office settlement of around $ 874 million ranking it at the 2nd spot of the most expensive divorces.

1. Rupert & Anna Murdoch

$ 1.7 Billion

The separation of Rupert & Anna Murdoch tops our countdown of the most expensive divorces of all times. One of the wealthiest persons in the world Rupert came into the media’s limelight when he inherited his father’s business of Australian Newspaper in 1952. He married Anna in 1960’s and spent 32 years together with 3 children.

In 1998 after the period of strain relationship they decided to split amicably and settled for assets worth $ 1.7 Billion and $ 110 million cash. After 17 days of his split Rupert married his employee Wendy Deng.