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10 latest ear piercings styles I Top 10 Lists & facts

Body piercing has been a tradition since evolution of mankind in one or more sects but now more than a tradition, it has turned into an art or a style statement. Ideally, it refers to the act of puncturing body parts to wear jewelry .Ear piercings and nose piercings are the most common form of body piercings you’ll ever find. But do you know there are how many ways in which you can pierce you ear and still look trendy.

So here are 10 latest ear piercings styles

Let’s find it out here.

10. Rook Piercing


It is regarded as one of the most painful and daunting form of ear piercings. However, once done it can make you cynosure. But not everybody can enjoy this piercing, it depends upon the rook, depending upon your ear and cartilage shape, the piercing is done. It is done by folding cartilage separating inner and outer conch and is therefore vulnerable to tearing.

 9. Tragus Piercing


Tragus is that part of our ear which is situated at the opening of the ear and contains a thick part of the ear cartilage. It is a comparatively intrepid form of ear piercings, but it can give you shot at times. Wearing earphones during the heal time can be hurting in this type of piercing.

8. Anti Tragus Piercing


Anti tragus is located just opposite to the tragus towards inner side. It is sort of outward ridge placed lateral to the canal. This art is rarely found and if it does it would surely be in the piercing fanatics. It is always a unique style of ear piercings that will surely turn eyeballs.

7. Conch Piercing


Conch piercing has acquired a wide share in ear piercings in recent years. Two conchs present in our ear, the inner and outer one. The inner conch piercing is executed at the ear cartilage’s centre. It is quite stylish because it resembles a classy gem or a barbell ear accessory. Outer conch piercing requires piercing of the outer cartilage of our ear and is pretty simpler as compared to the inner one.

6. Daith Piercing


This sort of piercing occurs in inner ear cartilage which resides above the ear canal opening. The inner ear cartilage is pierced to allow thin wired jewelry to pass through it. The needle is usually curved and has a small receiver tubes at the opposite end to prevent it from tearing. Small bead ring is usually worn in daith ear piercings that make it look stylish.

5. Scaffold Piercing

It is most varied type of piercing which can grab attention easily. Two punches are made, one on helix and other on ear cartilage and a single piece of jewelry is worn in them. In case of a vertical piercing, the holes are punctured in a vertical direction comparatively, and a similar long jewelry is worn. Two metal balls are fixed at the two ends of the single jewelry which has got a classy look.

4. Snug Piercing or Anti Helix


It is carried out on the cartilage inside the ear rim. Curved ball bearing jewelry adds new look at the snug piercing.  Anti helix piercing may not be as popular as helix piercing still there are many takers on the planet who are giving preference to anti helix over helix piercing

3. Lobe Piercing


It is the simplest and most popular form of ear piercings which is also the least painful as it does not involve cartilage. The lobe at the bottom is pierced and jewelry is placed in. It is the best blend of traditions and trends one could get.

2. Earlobe Gauging


It is one of the newest forms of ear piercings which is catching up with the desires of youngsters. It features bigger diameter piercings big enough to look through which looks unique. It involves stretching of healed lobe piercings to accommodate large sized earrings. But it is on the riskier side as it and leads to tearing or bleeding.

1. Helix


It is the most popular kind of ear piercings which involves perforating the upper ear, towards the rim, and is known as the forward helix. This is done with the help of piercing guns or the big needles. It leaves good amount of space and can accommodate different styles of piercings to enhance the look. It often bear two ball earrings, metal rings,  beads or gem closed earrings of different colors which looks elegant and stylish at the same time