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10 most insane rulers of the world I Top 10 Lists & facts

History has always been thought about as a saga of dirty and bloodshed in battles, mighty rulers, beautiful and brave princesses. But that’s not all. It is quite funny and terrifying events. How?? Entersting facts present you a list of most crazy rulers who not only terrorized the masses but also brought down the entire empires single handedly. The countdown begins……

10. Empress Anna of Russia

The ruler to the throne of Russia reigning between 1730-1740 is regarded as the one who was a bit cranky. Not being born to the royal throne she was appointed by the Supreme Privy Council of Russia. Having been given limited powers who thought Anna will act as their puppet , but the tables turned against them as she restored secret police who punished the political criminals. In the very famous example of her mental health he hooked one of the royal prince to his maid as she discovered that his dead wife was a catholic. She organized an extravagant wedding in a castle built of ice in one of the coldest months in Russia and the  wedding dress was of clown . Her reign came to an abrupt end with her death at age of 47.

9. George III of England

This ruler of United Kingdom is one among the 10 most insane rulers. This prince of Britain is well known due the movie “madness of King George”. A patient of porphyia, the royal patient became progressively Blind and insane . Thus when he became severely ill in 1788 is wife and prime minister , William Pitt the young . In the later years of his life when his insanity levels grew , he was kept in isolation , behind bars in straight jackets .

It is rumored that the king became insane due to his insanity treatments when he was alleged as insane.

8. King Charles VI of France

This young ruler who took the throne at an age of 11 is called the beloved and mad. Why such a unique and contrasting description. Well lets investigate. This young lad suddenly went mad as he killed four knights and almost killed his brother. He started having delusions where he thought he was made of glass (really!!). he sometimes refused to recognize his own kids and wife. He sometimes ran wildly in Parasian corridors acting like a bamboozled person.

7. Emperor Justin I

Ever heard of a king whose passion was not fighting battles, throwing splendid parties but biting his attendants . no !! here we go , this Byzantine Emperor whose reign is marked by  war with Persia and loss of greater part of Italy, slipped into the unbridled madness of his final days he was pulled through the palace on a wheeled throne, biting attendants as he passed. He ordered organ music to be played to soothe his frenzied and weird mind and it is said that his taste of attendants extended to eating some of them during his rule (yikes!!). He even showed signs of magnanimous and discerning ruler too.

6. Ludwig II of Bavaria

The builder of the Cinderella castle and many palaces this ruler makes a direct entry in our list of cranky rulers. He became the ruler of Bavaria in 1864 and spent almost all funds in building the fantasy castles. The daydreamer king was declared insane in 1866 , by a person who never examined him (seriously!!). this was perhaps done on the request of his uncle who wanted to usurp the entire empire. He was dethroned and the king was found dead in the pool along with the very doctor who declared him dead.

5. Sultan Ibrahim I

Earning the name of mad man he was quite deserving as he earned it because of obvious reasons which will be explored. From his youth days he was locked up in cage without windows. When he took over throne he compensated by urging fresh supply of virgins. He was such an eccentric ruler who brought down the entire dynasty until he was locked up again in cage. The peculiar ruler had an odd attraction towards obese women an once a candidate was tracked down , being so impressed he granted her government pension  he even gave her the title of Governor General of Damascus. When he heard  that his concubines were compromised by another man, he  ordered that all  280 members of his harem to be drowned in the Bosporus Sea. He also fed coins to fish  in the palace’s pool.

4. Ivan  IV , Tsar of Russia

Ivan IV or Ivan the terrible was the great Prince of Moscow. He exhibited a very complex personality : he was very intelligent and devout but prone to episodic breakouts of mental illness. This mental illness was an outcome of an estranged childhood as he lost his parents at a very tender age and was assaulted by Russian aristocracy. He vented his anger on little animals. He even fed the head of the Russian government to pack of dogs. Though a good Tsar in many ways as his laws included one for class equality but when he started massacring people the laws made were just vain down the drain. He also is convicted of killing his oldest and most beloved son (Seriously psycho!!).

3. Queen Maria 1 of Portugal

Coined as Maria the mad , this Portuguese queen makes a straight entry in our 10 most insane ruler countdown. She is considered as a good ruler prior her been turning cranky. Her first sign of mental illness witnessed when she was carried to her apartment in a state of delirium. She became insane after the death of her husband and later her eldest son ( due to chickenpox at an age of 27 years).  She was treated by John Willis, the same physician that attended George III of the United Kingdom . He wanted to take Maria to England, but that was refused by the Portuguese court.  John , his son  took over the government , but  he only took the title of Prince Regent in 1799. When the Real Barraca de Ajuda  was burnt down the court was forced to move to Queluz where the ill queen would be lying  in her apartments all day, and visitors often complained of terrible screams that would echo throughout the palace. Maria died at a Carmelite convent in Rio de Janeiro in 1816.

2. Prince Sado of Korea

Crown Prince Sado was the second son of  Korean King Yeongjo of Joseon took the throne at a very early age . He suffered from mental illness to such a paranoiac extent that he randomly killed people , and was a serial rapist. He was always isolated from his father as his father hated him. Rumors are also up that he even washed his mouth, changed his clothes and cleaned his ears when Sado talked to him (Really!!). By 1757, Sado  physically abused many his servants, and raped any woman who denied him. Sado murdered and raped on a whim. He even  stalked his own sister. the terror and nuisance behavior of his son finally tired his father. He ordered him to enter rice chest with its nails shut . Sado spent eight days In there and finally died of suffocation.

1. Emperor Caligua

This paranoid of Roman empire has a list of strange and puckish acts. Well lets hear it from horse’s mouth. He instated his favorite horse as a priest and counsel and a marble table built for him. He even dressed in silk and  jewels and considered himself as God. He forced senators to kiss his feet and seduced their wives. He ordered his statue to be erected in Jerusalem. His favourite torture was sawing. The sawblade filleted the spine and spinal cord, from crotch down to chest.  the victim was unable to pass out due to excess blood to the brain.

He also relished chewing up the testicles of victims (Yikes). Without biting them off, while they were put, upside down, before him.

He had an insulter whom he ordered to be executed, his wife too and ordered the executioner to rape their youngest girl and strangulate her.(heights of mental illness). He publicly had sex with three of his sisters and his torturous regime was put to an end when he was murdered by Praetorian Guard and his body was left on street to rot .thus evil deeds always are paid off and eccentric ones too.