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10 Hollywood flicks based on real life incidents

Hollywood filmmakers have been many times inspired by real life incidents.

These stories have had a strong impact on the audience who could indefinitely relate to the story. The stunning performance of the fabulous actors and excellent direction has led to box office collections swinging in. list cult presents you a list of such real life inspired Hollywood films which you cant afford to miss. So get your popcorns ready and a Pepsi can and enjoy……

10. 127 hours

Under the direction of Oscar winning director Danny Boyle, this 2010 British American drama survival film is based on the life of canyoneer Aron Ralston  portrayed by James Franco. The canyoneer gets on a trip to in Utah’s Canyonlands National Park. There he encounters two hikers, Kristi (Kate Mara) and Megan (Amber Tamblyn), apparently lost. The protagonist continues in John canyon where boulders are loose and he fells down with the boulder on his hand and gets struck. Yelling for help but in no man’s land is vain. He video records the entire happening where he tries to even cut his hand on which the boulder has landed but can’t. Running out of water, forced to drink his own urine and a trauma of incidents have been actively captured in this Hollywood flick. Later on he survives and the film ends with shots of Ralston and his ordeal — which include several of Ralston’s further adventures in climbing and mountaineering.

9. Shadow of the vampire

This horror flick which ran on floors in 2000s received a warm welcome from the audience and was a breakthrough from normal routine movies. This was based on the disturbing series of events which followed the filming of German film Nosferatu regarding the lead actor. The plot is the German director goes to Czechoslovakia to film Nosferatu, adaption of novel Dracula and he removes the crucifixes in the INN where he is shooting. The cameraman runs in an eerie, hypnotic state. One of the lead actors appears and looks quite pale but the director says he is still in the castle! What!!  Basically the actor playing the Dracula is actually a vampire only with whom the director has made a deal. Go watch out this Hollywood movie for actual jitters.

8. The Help

One of the path breaking performances by the beautiful Hollywood actress Emma Stone, (yeah the spiderman actress ) features around a white woman and her relation with two black maids. The film brings about the attitude of the whites towards her ‘help’. Enthralling Hollywood movie which is based on the real life incident deserves a spot in our list.

7. Born on 4th of July

This is a Hollywood film adaptation of the autobiographical account of the Vietnam war paralyzed victim who became an anti-war activist Ron Kovic. Tom Cruise , the protagonist is a marine sergeant and the movie follows a trail of bloodshed in the Vietnam war. During the war he becomes paralyzed and he sees that everyone , his friends, fellow people and family treat him differently. Later he resorts to join Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW). Ron himself tells a reporter about his negative experiences in Vietnam and that the Vietnam war is wrong. The film ends with  Ron’s speech at the 1976 Democratic National Convention, shortly after the publication of his autobiography, Born on the Fourth of July.

6. Hotel Rwanda

This is a Hollywood flick inspired by real life Rwandan incidents and the genocide which followed. Tensions brewing between Hutu and Tutsi population which fueled the war have been actively captured. Paul who is a Hutu is a hotel owner , gives shelter to Tutsi refugees and their rescue by militia. This Hollywood film got wide acclaim for its stunning performances.

5. Troy

Who doesn’t know about the epic battle of Troy where the Grecians outwit the Trojans with their wit and the Hollywood directors got a brilliant idea and filmed it. The people at Greece came with a brilliant idea, they gifted a huge wooden horse to the Trojans as a symbol of peace. But within the hollow horse there were Greece soldiers who overpowered the Trojan army.

4. Pearl harbor

Based on the infamous Japanese bombing at the U.S got the Hollywood attention and a very famous movie was made. Not discussing the after math of the bombing( nuclear bombing in Japan), the movie revolves around the first hand account of two American Lieutenants telling their tale when the pearl Harbour was Bombed. Secret missions, bloodshed and a romantic slant too. Watch this Hollywood film if you are an action movie fan!!

3. The Vow

A treat for romantic movie fans is the Hollywood film based on real life incidents is The Vow. The Vow is based on the actual life and relationship of Kim and Krickitt Carpenter. They went ahead and wrote a book about their marriage, also known as The Vow. Ten weeks after their wedding , the couple had a  serious car accident. Krickitt suffered from a brain trauma, which just wiped out all memories, of her romance with Kim as well as their marriage. Kim still was deeply in love with his wife, although she viewed him as a stranger after the accident. This movie became the 7th highest grossing drama film of all times.

2. The Wolf of wall Street

This movie got International acclaim for the satirical use of words, amusing performances and real life adaptation of film. The huge pipeline of drug abuse, violence on animals and the plot revolves around stockbroker who owns and runs a firm that does securities fraud and corruption on Wall Street in the 1990s. Go watch this Hollywood flick if a stock exchange nerd and even if not!!

1. Titanic

The king of kings, the movie which is lauded even today for its brilliant adaption and beautiful pipeline of actors, this Hollywood masterpiece deserves to be in this list. Based on the iniquitous sinking of the Huge Titanic ship and a love story of  Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet as members of different social classes who fall in love aboard the ship and the direction of Cameron, what could go wrong. The film was the highest grosser of its time and the best Hollywood movie based on real life incident . we don’t expect that you haven’t watched this movie !!.