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You ought to respect these10 greatest inventions of all times – Top 10 Lists & facts

A look at some of the greatest inventions that changed the face of the world forever after them.

The modern world we live in teems with the innumerable inventions man has made till date owing to his never-quenching thirst for more and more knowledge. Without the use of these inventions, we could have never even dreamt of a world we have today. No wonder some of them have added to our woes, courtesy their side-effects but a large fraction of them have really revolutionized the world.

10. Clock 

This simple analogue device consisting of three needles and a dial is the representative of the fourth dimension of the world, time. One of the world’s most greatest invention for years it has been used to calculate, keep and co-ordinate time. It did have its predecessors like the sundial, water clock and hourglass to name a few. But this was the first instrument that came handy to keep time for intervals smaller than the natural units (like the day, lunar month and a year). The invention of mechanical clock in 13th century was one of the most revolutionizing inventions in the history of mankind after the discovery of fire.

 9.  Wheel

This remarkable one of the greatest invention by man has turned the entire civilization of man around it. No one can think of fast locomotion in today’s date sans the wheel. The oldest wheel and axle mechanism has been reportedly found near Ljubljana, Slovenia, and dates to roughly 3100 B.C. It is not only the field of transportation where wheel has helped but also in the case of tens of thousands of other inventions which require wheel as their integral part. From power mills of the ancient era to the pulley system of medieval times to electric motors and centrifuges of the modern age, everything needs wheel for its working.

8. Automobile and steam engine

On the sixth spot of greatest invention is this superb invention which was the result of number 9 and the application of gasoline to power engines. Prior to the invention of the steam engine, most products were made by hand along with the use of water wheels and draft animals for power. The concept of utilizing the power of steam to run machines was put to proper use by the path-breaking inventions of Thomas Newcomen and James Watt. The advent of automobiles transformed the field of locomotion and today it forms one of the founding pillars of the modern society.

7. Penicillin

This is a group of antibiotics derived from Penicillium fungi. The invention of Penicillin was a breakthrough in the treatment of diseases like syphilis and a myriad of other infections. This Nobel-winning invention by Alexander Fleming today is certainly bliss in the world of medicine and every day it saves millions of people across the globe.


The invention of telegraph, telephone, television and wireless communications is one of the biggest gifts of technology to mankind. One could have never thought of talking to someone far away in another continent by just dialing a few numbers. Similarly, the onset of the television era connected the different parts of the world much before internet. The contributions of J.L Baird, Maxwell, Bell, Marconi, Bose and Tesla can never be forgotten. If it had not been for this greatest invention, the application of electromagnetic waves and copper cables, the various parts of the world would still have largely remained disconnected.

5. Printing press

The printing press has reformed the world in more ways than we can think of. The printing press allowed enormous quantities of information to be recorded and spread throughout the world. There had been times when the books printed by hands could be afforded by a handful of rich people. But mass publication by printing press brought the prices down. The dissemination of knowledge far and wide around the globe via books is also to be attributed to this invention.

4. Electric bulb

An invention that not only lights up the world but also speaks of a story of indomitable dedication and perseverance, bulb is one of the most extraordinary inventions till date. Edison had to test a large number of materials for getting a proper material for the filament, before arriving at tungsten. The infrastructure built to provide electricity to each household using bulbs changed the world forever times to come.

3. Electric motor


The electric motor has transformed the way the ancient civilizations worked to get mechanical energy. From systems drawn by animals and humans, the world began to get mechanical output from the electric motors. It is a device based on the simple principle of physics, called the electromagnetic induction. But it has turned the entire world around its axis and today we cannot even think of any complex system not having motor at its heart.

2. Computer


Commonly defined as a system that gives an output in lieu of a process carried out on an input, computers have become the soul of nearly every machine on the globe. From personal computers playing music and games for ordinary people to supercomputers carrying out extraordinary tasks like flight control, human genome sequencing and visual imagery, computers are an elixir for the sustenance of our modern civilization. Believe you would more than us that computers figure in the 2nd spot of greatest invention.

1. Internet


The huge network of computers around the globe is one of the biggest man-made marvels on the earth. This entire game of 0s and 1s has interconnected various corners of the world like nothing before. Its application has even surpassed the reach of telephones and televisions. A simple system designed at Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency in US somewhat over 50 years ago has given rise to a completely new dimension for the people to live in, called the ‘cybersphere’. This intangible space houses petabytes of information and is an integral part of millions of lives around the planet today.