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10 most frivolous lawsuit ever filed

Taking a cue from the recent post “10 funny & weird research topics undertaken” we explored other avenues where we could pulp out some interesting juices for your thirsty mind.

So here is one on 10 most frivolous lawsuit ever filed


 10.  City admin sued for negligence

On July 7, 2001 a prankster dumped detergent into Fountain of Wind in Duluth, Minn which formed a mountain of bubbles. After few hours a passerby Kathy Kelly slipped into the fountain and suffered a laceration to her left lower skin. Kelly being a diabetes patient got infected and the subsequent treatment scooped out $43,000 towards medical expenses. She later sued the city for showing negligence in cleaning the suds and for not displaying the warning boards despite the fact that municipal workers received a call 4 hours earlier. 3 years later a jury found the city 70 % responsible and placed a fine of $ 125000. Now the fountain has railing…..

 9.  Suing one’s own alma mater

A lot has been written about the 2009 recession which saw the entire world economy crippling down and pink slips handed over to thousands of employees. Same was the situation in United States, however this didn’t deter Trina Thompson to file a lawsuit against her alma mater. She sued her alma mater, Monroe College for $ 72,000 as she could not find a job even after three months of graduation and blamed her school’s Office of Career Advancement for working inefficiently.

 8.  Trespasser wins over an owner

You will always find a display board outside big mansions which prohibit trespassers but its shocking to find out that one could win a lawsuit while trespassing on someone else’s property. Yeah it happened when two teens were burned in a parked railroad car in 2002. The teens climbed on top of a boxcar to get a view of the city without knowing an uninsulated 12500 Volts overhead wire. In 2006, the jury blamed the house owners for the accident and ordered him a fine of staggering $ 24.2 million

 7.  Don’t Blame Me

In 2009, a 20 year old girl named Chelsea Hess met with an car accident and became paraplegic. Investigations revealed that she was intoxicated and was not wearing a seat belt. Instead realizing her own fault, she filed a lawsuit against the sports grill and the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) accusing them for serving her beverage without verifying her age. She blamed SCDOT, claiming that her Mitsubishi flipped because of a defect in the shoulder.

 6. Look alike lawsuit

Some people take pride if they resemble any famous personality. However, Allen Heckard got sick & tired of repeated compliments of his resemblance to Michael Jordan ( the ace basketball player).  In 2006, Heckard sued Chicago Bull along with Nike who has signed Michael for their brand promotion for a staggering $832 million, claiming personal injury and emotional sufferings. But soon he dropped the lawsuit as it was pretty clear that he didn’t have much legal ground to fight to long.

 5.  Raising voice against bad publicity

You might often hear that one of your friends won a compensatory meal in a star rated restaurant by the management just to settle a small glitch or insipid dish. But there happened an amazing case in March 2005 when Anna filed a claim against San Jose, owner of Wendy’s franchisee stating that she found a fingertip in her platter. As a result of bad publicity, Wendy suffered a loss in sales worth $ 21 million and they were forced to trim their business in North California by 50 percent. But during investigation, authorities found that there was no sign of fingertip in the dish and Wendy’s filed a suit and Anny was sentenced to 9 year imprisonment.

The fingertip belonged to friend of Anna’s husband who gave his fingertip to the couple to settle a $100 bet.

 4. Good Intentions landed into trouble

On July 31, 2004 two teenagers Taylor and Lindsey decided to stay back home and cook something different. They prepared cookies for their neighbors which were supposed to be delivered with anonymity. They rang bells of houses and kept “heart shaped” cookies with a letter reading “Have a great night. From the T and L Club.”. But when they were ringing bell of a 49-year-old woman, Renea Young’s house, they landed themselves into trouble. Seeing the shadowy figures at 10:30 pm, Young suffered an anxiety attack and she was hospitalized. The teenagers even apologized to Young and agreed to pay for her medical expenses but Young filed a suit claiming for $ 3000. On the contrary, the court snubbed Renea Young for its frivolous lawsuit and rejected the plea.

 3.  Mind what you dry clean

In 2007,a judge in Washington DC named Roy Pearson filed a suit (needless to mention a frivolous lawsuit ) against mom-and-pop dry cleaner over a pair of pants. Pearson claimed that the owners misplaced his pants which he brought for alteration and gave him cheaper trousers. But the dry cleaners sorted out the matter off the records.Pearson wasn’t happy with this settlement, so he filed another suit stating “Satisfaction Guaranteed” and “Same Day Service” signs portrayed in the store are deceiving. He included emotional claim and escalated the claim to $ 64 million which was trimmed down to still outrageous $ 53 million. But the judge in the District of Columbia ruled in favor of the dry cleaners and ordered Pearson to pay the couple’s court costs, and Pearson was debarred for his greedy behavior. This frivolous lawsuit ranks 3rd amongst all.

 2. I, me, myself

Prison is the best place where you can think endlessly without any pressure however the constraint of implementing it silo.  In 1995, Robert Lee Brock prisoner at Chesapeake sued himself for $5 million on an account that he has violated his religious and personal rights by consuming alcoholic beverages. Since he wasn’t earning much and he was under surveillance of the jail authorities, the management should pay the amount. The judge ruled out the case but appreciated Robert for his try. Every heard of such frivolous lawsuit before?

1.  Spilling the coffee beans

This  frivolous lawsuit tops the list and it would be incomplete without mentioning this famous lawsuit by Stella Liebeck against Mc Donald’s. Stella, a 79 year old woman spilled a cup of McDonald’s coffee on her lap while sitting in the passenger seat of a parked car. Consequently she suffered three degree burns on her groin, inner thighs and buttocks. She was hospitalized for more than a week. When she tried to contact McDonald authorities via written & verbal communication for medical compensation, it went unanswered. In view of their stubborn reaction, Stella filed a suit in a local court. After the trial, the jury awarded Stella a damage charges of $ 2.5 million, which the court finally reduced to $ 500,000. Both the parties were not satisfied with this judgment and they settled for an undisclosed amount.